Valley Irrigation Launches New Line of Smart Panels


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Producers are poised to acquire smarter, simpler options for controlling and managing their irrigation pivots. Valley® Irrigation, the leader in irrigation technology, introduces the smartest center pivot control available today with the new Valley ICON smart panel series, providing intuitive control for any center pivot irrigation machine. “With our release of four new control panels, growers will see first-hand the ease of use with a very simple interface that is extremely intuitive,” says John Campbell, Valley Irrigation director of advancement and adoption. of technology.

ICON panels adapt to irrigators with varying needs. Whether it’s buying a new pivot, upgrading an existing panel, changing from another brand of pivot, or switching from a different irrigation method, the benefit of using an interface Intuitive color touchscreen that can be adapted to today’s rapidly changing technology is essential.

Campbell says, “The ICON panels have extensive connectivity on a smart relay board, so they’re ready for future upgrades. To put this technology center stage, each panel is equipped with AgSense® ICON Link, so all four models are compatible with AgSense and BaseStation3TM telemetry technologies. This allows producers to easily view data and control their hubs remotely, whether they’re expanding existing networks or just starting with remote monitoring and control.

The new Valley ICON smart panels
Valley ICON10TM, equipped with a 10-inch color touchscreen, works much like a tablet, but it’s right at the pivot point. It provides all the functionality of Valley’s current Pro2 control panel, but with more memory and speed. It is also GPS ready and works with the Valley Variable Flow Irrigation (VRI) Speed ​​Control and VRI Zone Control programs.

The Valley ICON5TM has many of the same benefits as the ICON10 on a smaller five-inch screen and with tactile buttons that provide easy and precise control.

With the Valley ICON1TM, growers have full touchscreen control with a remote device, so there’s no need to visit the pivot point or open the control panel to manage the machine. Producers can manage and control their pivots with a desktop, tablet or smartphone remotely through the ICON app, available for iOS and Android. They can also use ICON1 to connect to the app from the edge of their field using new WiFi Edge-of-Field technology, saving them time and reducing wear and tear. their vehicle.

The Valley ICONXTM easily integrates any control panel – including all major pivot brand panels – into the AgSense or BaseStation3 network. It takes control of an existing panel using the circuitry on that panel to provide complete control of the ICON panel. It’s an affordable way to upgrade and put more hubs on a network.

New Edge-of-Field Wi-Fi Technology
New Valley Edge-of-Field WiFi technology allows growers to connect to their panel in the field without having to travel to the pivot point. It allows to control any tablet or smartphone via the ICON application. It comes standard with ICON1 and optional with ICON10.

Blake Reid, Certified Irrigation Designer for Reid Brothers Irrigation in Unadilla, Ga., Says Edge-of-Field WiFi is a plus for growers.

“Edge-of-Field Wi-Fi is a real game-changer. It gives the producer an aspect of control that has never been offered before, ”says Reid. “The operator now has the ability to control the pivot remotely in the field and can have full control of the machine from the comfort of his truck or the cab of his tractor. Edge-of-Field WiFi gives you the confidence and confidence of being in the field without standing in front of the panel itself.

Intuitive and easy to use
While the Valley Pro2 control panel has been a great success, Valley ICON smart panels are designed and developed to be even easier to use.

Jeremiah Johnson, project manager for Central Valley Irrigation in Holdrege, Neb., Says the Pro2 has been his favorite for years and that he has resisted the idea of ​​a new panel for himself and his customers. That all changed when he tested ICON10 on his own family’s farm.

“It’s so easy to use. I installed it and started using it without formal instruction, ”says Johnson. “My dad, who is older and still uses a flip phone, didn’t want the change so he let me put him on a less active pivot. Now that he’s tried ICON10, he wants us to put him on a very active pivot. It’s really simple to use, the software is great, and it’s very descriptive so the farmer can see what’s going on in the field.

Improved optional features
Valley Irrigation says there are optional new features that can give farmers more information about field conditions so they can adjust their irrigation, chemigation and fertigation as needed.

“Wind, rain and temperature monitoring is available with optional sensors,” said Matt Ondrejko, vice president of marketing. “This allows the producer to define parameters for his pivots. For example, if it rains an inch, the panel can be programmed to close the pivot. Or if the wind is blowing at a speed of 20 miles per hour, or the temperature exceeds 75 degrees, the grower can tell the machine to stop at a certain position in the field.

Whether producers choose to use the most basic control or the most advanced management, each ICON panel is designed to provide simple and intuitive control for farms of all sizes.

“ICON panels offer more control than ever, thanks to a very simple interface,” continues Ondrejko. “We are very excited about this new family of smart panels, and I have no doubts that our producers will be too. “

About irrigation of the valley
Valley Irrigation founded the center pivot irrigation industry in 1954, and our brand is the global leader in sales, service, quality and innovation. With historical sales of more than 200,000 central and linear pivots, the equipment built by Valmont irrigates approximately 25 million acres (10 million hectares) around the world each year. We remain committed to providing innovative precision irrigation solutions, now and in the future. For more information, please visit


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