Valley Irrigation Advanced Technology Uses AI to Detect Irrigation and Crop Health Problems Before It’s Too Late



OMAHA, Neb., October 11, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Valley® Irrigation, the leader in precision irrigation®, Gains Ground with the Initial Launch of Valley Insightsâ„¢ service. Thanks to the partnership between Valley Irrigation and Prospera Technologies announced in February 2019, the limited version of Valley Insights has shown positive results this growing season, turning data into useful and actionable information for growers of Washington and Nebraska. The service has exceeded expectations, already hitting its target of one million acres by 2020.

Valley Insights ( is designed to bring growers closer to self-sufficient crop management, generating better yields while using fewer inputs and resources. Using computer vision, service scouts identify areas of over- or under-irrigation and stress associated with plants. It goes beyond typical aerial imagery, using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze visual data, detect problems and alert the producer so that the appropriate action can be taken.

“Our initial version was concentrated in the northwest, where a late winter created a difficult season for growers,” explains Troy Long, Senior Director of Product Management for Valley Irrigation. “They would have struggled to sift through piles of aerial images provided by other services for potential irrigation issues. Valley Insights analyzes images and alerts growers of potential threats to crops before they become big problems. to our users a lot of precious time that they can now devote elsewhere. “

Henri boersma, which grows diverse row crops outside of Moses Lake, WA, started piloting Valley Insights this season. He says his crops are already benefiting from the technology.

“When Valley Insights identifies underwatering in certain areas and warns us that sprinklers appear to be plugged into certain bays, that’s exactly what happens,” he says. “We have another eye on the ground, so we can identify problems and make corrections long before we see the stress on our crops with the naked eye. We can fix minor issues before they become major issues, saving us time and money. “

Increasingly, producers are also facing increased resource restriction. In a changing climate, water restriction is the new normal for growers across the country, and AI-based technologies like Valley Insights are helping them maintain yields while using fewer resources.

Thad taylor, Sales Manager for Lad Irrigation South, says his customers have used Valley Insights to do everything from programming a Variable Rate Irrigation Table (VRI) to improving water application.

“One of my clients has very little water allocated to his operation,” he says. “By using Valley Insights, he makes sure his crops receive a consistent application. He is able to quickly resolve problems with his irrigation equipment so as not to waste his limited water supply.

Valley has incorporated user feedback from the limited version of Valley Insights, prioritizing product development without sacrificing its commitment to simplicity and ease of use, all with the goal of improving service ahead of expansion. additional in 2020.

“Valley and Prospera each bring unique expertise to the partnership, and together we bring greater value to producers who will undoubtedly make a difference in the overall health of the crops,” said Darren siekman, Valley Irrigation Vice President of Water Management and Business Development.

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Prospera Technologies, Inc. is a developer of machine vision technologies that continuously monitor and analyze the development, health and stress of plants. Prospera captures multiple layers of climatic and visual crop field data and delivers actionable, easy-to-read information to growers via mobile and web dashboards. Its team of world-class computer scientists, physicists and agronomists work with seasoned agribusiness leaders to meet producers where they are and revolutionize the way food is grown. For more information, please visit

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