The animal shelters of the Grande Vallée see an influx of kittens


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) — Some animal shelters in the Grand Valley are reporting a major influx of kittens this season and it’s creating some pressure for shelters.

CLAWS Cat Rescue and Sanctuary said that over the past month more than 100 kittens have passed through the shelter. The shelter said it’s normal to have an influx of kittens every year, but it gets worse every year.

“It seems like every year it gets worse and worse,” said Ashley Mazrin, adoption coordinator for CLAWS. “Because unfortunately the kittens that were born last year are going to be this year’s parents and the more babies that are created and continue to populate, the more babies they continue to make and those babies become parents.”

Mazrin said the feral cat population continues to grow and these cats are largely unsettled, so they are allowed to continue breeding. She said pet owners often don’t get their pets fixed either.

“Then you have people with loose pets and the pets come out, or they live outside or whatever and they keep making babies too,” Mazrin said.

It’s not just unique to CLAWS either. The Roice-Hurst Humane Society said it also had an influx of kittens at its shelter. In the case of CLAWS, Mazrin said part of the problem with having so many kittens is the lack of foster homes. She said many of the kittens are too young to stay at the shelter with older cats, so they adopt them. The problem according to Mazrin is that their foster families are already taking in too many kittens.

“It definitely puts a strain on us financially, every baby we have to feed is more of a cost,” Mazrin said. “With inflation being as high as it is and the price of everything going up, everyone’s pockets are a little tighter right now. So it’s getting harder and harder to get donations and subsidies and just tracking the food bill and the garbage bill for all these guys.

Mazrin said the shelter needed more volunteers to be foster families and they could use any donations they could get.

“The rescues are doing the best they can right now,” Mazrin said. “We don’t have a lot of space and we don’t have a lot of money. Unfortunately it does not grow on trees and we cannot accommodate more kittens than we can handle, which is unfortunate. In a perfect world, we would take every cat and kitten and find amazing homes for them. But unfortunately, that’s just not the reality.

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