Paradise Irrigation District works to save water



PARADISE, Calif .– As water in the state of California becomes increasingly scarce, residents of Paradise are worried about their community.

“Water is life, water is precious,” said Amaji Fox, a resident of Paradise. “Without water there is no life, there is no city.”

Fox has lived in paradise for 40 years.

She was relieved to learn that her city was taking action to conserve water so the city could continue to rebuild itself.

“I appreciate the town of Paradise taking care of the people of Paradise because we’ve been through a lot,” Fox said.

Usually anyone could come to Paradise Irrigation District to fill their jugs and tanks, but now only people living in Paradise will be able to use this water.

“We want to make sure that the water is not taken by people who don’t live in Heaven and that it is only for residents who really need it,” said Deputy District Director for PID Mickey Rich.

Rich said when people come to collect water, they will first need to register and show proof that they are residents of Paradise.

“Come to the office and then they will speak with customer service to give them their address and vehicle information and at that time, it gives customer service representatives the ability to go to their account and see their status. water and see if there’s anything we could do better for them on their property, ”Rich said.

“It’s important that everyone has enough water for cement work or cleanup,” Fox said.

The PID also saves water by not allowing people to fill tanks, only five gallon jugs.

The PID is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for people to come to the office or fill their jugs.



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