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The Paradise Irrigation District will hold a special meeting on Monday to discuss an opening for the District 1 manager and ratify a new employee agreement.

According to the agenda, District 1 Director Brian Shaw tendered his resignation on June 17. PID executive assistant Georgeanna Borrayo said Shaw’s resignation was because he no longer had property in Division 1 that he intended to rely on.

The district is now looking to replace a superintendent for the fifth time since the campfire hit the ridge in 2018.

Since then, Dan Wentland, Anne Rice, Dan Hansen and Bob Prevot.

Hansen had been nominated to replace Wentland in Division 1 but went unopposed in Division 5 in 2020. He stepped down earlier this year and was replaced by Robert Matthews.

Shaw was selected for the role in the winter of 2020 replacing Director 2 Bill Kellogg, who had resigned due to health reasons. The other candidates were Alan Hinman, Jr., Heidi Lange, Henry Martin and Michael Snyder.

In November 2020, Shaw was elected to the District 1 office with nearly 60% of the vote, defeating opponent Chris Rehmann. Shaw resigned about halfway through his term.

The current board consists of Hinman in Division 2, PID Chairman Shelby Boston in Division 3, Marc Sulik in Division 4 and Matthews in Division 5.

Hinman was elected to the Division 2 seat in 2020 to complete Kellogg’s term by defeating Kellogg, who had sought to regain his seat after stepping down, and Fred Hayden. Boston replaced Rice in 2019 and ran unopposed in 2020. Her seat is up for reelection in November. Sulik, the longest-serving director, is also eligible for re-election this year. He was initially elected in February 2017.

Due to Shaw’s resignation, each seat is to be filled in November.

The next steps to replace Shaw are as follows:

  • The district must notify the county election official within 15 days of the vacancy date, or by July 2, 2022.
  • Other District Council members may fill the vacancy by nomination or by calling an election within 60 days of the vacancy. If no action is taken for a period of 60 days immediately following a vacancy on such Board, the Supervisory Board shall have the power to fill the vacancy by appointment. Although rarely used, the law provides for alternative appointment insofar as the PID board can call an election to fill the vacancy instead of the appointment. The obligation to call an election becomes mandatory if the seat remains vacant for 90 days. (Government Code § 1780, subdivision (g)(1).)
  • If the vacancy is filled by appointment, the appointee will remain in office until the next general election in November 2022, and then until the person elected to fill the vacancy takes office in December 2022. A notice of vacancy must be posted in at least three locations at least 15 days before an appointment can be made to fill the vacancy.

The district will also ask the directors to ratify a proposed tentative agreement between the district and IBEW Local 1245 and update the terms of the agreement in the rules and regulations governing terms and conditions of employment, wages and benefits for General Unit employees effective July 1. 2022 to June 30, 2023.

The new agreement provides for a 5% salary increase starting July 1 and a 2.5% salary increase each July from 2023. It also stipulates that July 1, 2022, the date of ratification by the two parties, whichever is later, full-time employees are to receive a one-time payment of $2,000 outside the pay scale.


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