Newhouse Announces Transfer of Title to Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District



WASHINGTON DC – Today, Representative Dan Newhouse (WA-04) announced that the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) has given Congress official notification of the proposed surrender of title to the Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District (GWID). He issued the following statement in support of the title transfer:

“In central Washington, we are doing everything we can to conserve our most precious resource: water”, said Representative Newhouse. “This transfer of title is a major victory as it enables those who know our needs best to manage the management of GWID’s water supplies – those who live, work and farm right here in our communities. I am proud to have played a small role in finalizing this transfer, but it is indeed our local water managers and operators who laid the groundwork and effectively advocated for local management of our resources. This is exactly the kind of improvement we need to enable our irrigation districts to efficiently deliver water to our rural communities. Congratulations to the Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District and to all who benefit greatly from their important work for our region.

“It’s a big day for local water users and farmers in north-central Washington,” said Mike Miller, director of the Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District (GWID). “After 30 years of working for this district and providing services for 10,000 acres of tree fruit – fruit that nourishes the world – I am proud to see this transfer come to fruition and to help pave the way for additional title transfers, securing a brighter future for a more reliable water supply in local communities across the United States. Thank you to our water managers, users and federal partners – including Congressman Newhouse – for their support in making this transport happen. “


  • The John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act, enacted by President Trump in 2019, created a process for title transfers to be administratively completed.
  • The law requires the Administration to notify Congress of the proposed transport. Congress has 90 days to pass a joint resolution disapproving of the transfer.
  • After 90 days, by virtue of this transfer of ownership, BOR will transfer all rights, title and interest, including mining interests, of the United States in and to GWID subject to the terms and conditions included in the transfer agreement of property.
  • Upon transfer of title, GWID will take possession and manage these assets to meet current needs in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.




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