Newhouse Announces $300,000 Grant for Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District


WASHINGTON DC – Today, Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) applauded the Bureau of Reclamation’s announcement that the Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District has been selected to receive a Federal WaterSMART Water Efficiency Grant. water and energy. These competitive projects improve water use efficiency, increase renewable energy production, reduce the risk of water-related conflicts, and provide other benefits that will improve the sustainability of water supplies. in the western United States. This funding was approved as part of the FY22 appropriations package which Rep. Newhouse voted for in March 2022.

“This funding is a major victory for improving conservation and water use efficiency in the Columbia Basin. In the arid west, we fully understand how precious water is, and our irrigation district managers and operators are working around the clock to conserve and manage our limited supply,” Rep. Newhouse said. “This grant, which comes as our district and many others across the country face devastating drought conditions, will enable the Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District to address regional water reliability issues. including drought, groundwater issues and improving stream flows to help salmon recover, so they can continue to provide water efficiently to our rural communities and our producers.

“This project will save 849 acre-feet of our region’s most valuable resource, water, each year,” said Roger Sonnichsen, director of the Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District. “And by revitalizing our aging infrastructure, we can continue to provide consistent irrigation to the more than 2,000 landowners who irrigate more than 250,000 acres to produce food and ensure food security for the people of Washington State. of the nation and the world. I thank Congressman Newhouse for his continued leadership in supporting these crucial projects. »

Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District: Refurbishment granted $300,000 for the West Canal concrete paving project. The Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District, located in central Washington, will line 2,500 feet of the West Canal in earth with a high-density polyethylene geotextile liner. The project advances the goals of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the three Columbia Basin Project Irrigation Districts, the Washington State Department of Ecology, the Department of Fisheries and Washington State Wildlife and the Bureau of Reclamation to address regional water reliability concerns including drought, groundwater issues, and improved stream flow to help salmon recovery. The project is expected to result in annual water savings of 849 acre-feet that are currently lost through seepage. The conserved water will be used to meet actions identified in the MOU, including offsetting groundwater pumping and maintaining flows in the Columbia River.


Through the WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grants, Reclamation provides cost-matching funding to irrigation and water districts, tribes, states, and other entities with the water or electricity distribution authority. Projects conserve and use water more efficiently; increase hydroelectricity production; mitigate conflict risks in areas at high risk of future water-related conflicts; and realize other benefits that contribute to the reliability of the water supply in the Western United States. Projects are selected through a competitive process with an emphasis on projects that can be completed in two to three years.

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