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Over their 70 year history, if you needed specialty parts to machine for your business, Grand Valley Manufacturing was the place to go. The company, located in Titusville Opportunity Park, was known as a small player in the heavy machining world, according to Joe Nichols, director of business development.

After securing a new $48 million contract to supply assembled components for US Air Force weapons systems, Grand Valley is becoming a bigger player.

Grand Valley Manufacturing was awarded the contract in July and, over the next 18 months, is responsible for creating and assembling 2,000 components for Air Force weapons systems. The contract allowed the company to increase its workforce by 20 people.

Nichols said that as long as this contract is going well, it could be a “starting point for some pretty significant growth.”

Throughout Grand Valley Manufacturing’s history, they have been no strangers to Department of Defense contracts. In their long history of working with the government, they have never undertaken a project of such magnitude.

Nichols said that before the Air Force contract, the biggest contract they had received was perhaps a quarter of the size.

Grand Valley Manufacturing took a risk in deciding to build Building 51. This new production facility, along with the technology they now use, allowed the company to move into high-volume production and assembly. .

In the past, the company mainly did machining. The new program has many moving parts including material purchasing, field services, inspections, testing, coating and more.

“This particular program that we just won isn’t just machining. It’s a full supply of complete assemblies,” Nichols said.

Nichols said the new contract is Grand Valley’s first opportunity to be a prime contractor working directly with the government on a large program. The nature of the contract is that of a mature design and product that “would likely be repeated over and over”.

Nichols said if everything goes well the first time, Grand Valley Manufacturing not only has a chance to continue making the same product, but it also gives them the opportunity to secure other major contracts.

“There are other opportunities for similar components, and that establishes us as a legitimate player for navy, military and other government buyers,” Nichols said.

Nichols said he was confident Grand Valley Manufacturing would be able to make the leap. He said the company prides itself on being flexible and listening to customers’ wishes.

While other great entrepreneurs have a large staff and a lot of history, Nichols said they want to be experts in everything and will fend off criticism.

“We shut up and we listen,” Nichols said. “What I’m most proud of about Grand Valley is that we always do the right thing. We always do the right thing even if it hurts. We try to take care of customers, try to honor our word, and if we’re wrong, we admit it. We own it and even if it’s financially painful, we fix it.

The company employed 80 people. The contract will see that number grow to 100. If Grand Valley Manufacturing can keep the momentum going, Nichols said 100 jobs could turn into 200 or 300 jobs over the next five years.

The growth would not only help the manufacturing company, but also the community of Titusville. Much of Grand Valley Manufacturing’s supply chain is made up of Titusville and area businesses.

“There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars being spent in the Titusville area and surrounding areas,” Nichols said.

Nichols said he knows too many friends who have left this community due to a lack of well-paying jobs. Part of what excites him about this contract is the ability to provide more well-paying jobs in this community.

“We look forward to creating well-paying jobs here,” Nichols said. “Bringing them to a community like Titusville is very rewarding.”

With such a long history and decades of meeting customer needs, Nichols said the company is ready and excited to grow.

“Yes, it takes a long time to prepare, but it comes from diligence and doing the right thing,” Nichols said.

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