Merced Irrigation District Announces Water Allocation and Tariff Set for 2022 Season


Lake McClure in Mariposa County
Sierra Sun Times file photo

March 4, 2022 – Amid ongoing dry winter conditions, the Merced Irrigation District Board on Thursday set a Lake McClure surface water allowance of 1.1 acre feet for growers class 1 in the district.

The surface water rate was set at $100 per acre-foot. Water orders can be placed starting today and the District will immediately begin diverting water from Lake McClure to its local canals in the coming days.

The district will also deliver its supplemental groundwater supply program this year. Each year, MID diverts over 120,000 acre feet of water from Lake McClure into local groundwater for future use. MID expects to deliver approximately 25,000 acre feet of its supply.

Those who wish to voluntarily enroll in the supplemental supply program will be charged at a rate of $161 per acre-foot. Decisions regarding haulage and other water management activities will be discussed at a future Council meeting.

District growers will receive their information packages within the next week.

Water control options include:
 Orders can be placed anytime using MID’s automated water ordering system at (866) 825-2475.
 During weekday business hours, orders can be placed by calling MID Customer Service at (209) 722-2720 or toll-free at (800) 750-2720.
 To place an online order, producers must first register at and then place their first water order by calling customer service. After that, orders can be placed through the website.
Source: MID


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