Local Grand Valley Schools Approve Budget | Local News


ORWELL — The proposed 2022-23 tax budget was approved Monday night at a meeting of the local Grand Valley School Board, Treasurer Lisa Moodt said.

The annual approval of the Alternative Tax Budget must occur annually in accordance with the mandate of the Ohio Revised Code. A public hearing was held at 5:30 p.m. Monday before the regular school board meeting, Moodt said.

“It’s a pretty low-key experience,” Moodt said.

The budget details bond retirement, general fund budgets, maintenance fund, permanent improvement fund, and other budget items. The district’s annual budget is passed in the fall, Moodt said.

The tax budget provides tools for forecasting income for the next school year. She said that each year the tax revenue increases slightly.

The total financial resources available in 2021 was $13,606,939.10 and the actual income in 2022 was $14,229,913.19. Total estimated resources for July 1 to December 30 are $8,704,839.71 and $9,061,461.19 for January 1 to June 30, 2023.

“The County Budget Committee must still certify tax rates for each subdivision or other taxing unit, by March 1 for school districts,” says an Ashtabula County Alternative Tax Budget Backgrounder. . The document must be filed by each school district’s tax agent by January 20.


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