Kennewick Irrigation District Hosts Santa’s Drive Event



Kennewick Irrigation District Hosts Drive-Thru Event with Santa Claus to Benefit Toys for Tots

KENNEWICK, Washington – The Kennewick Irrigation District is hosting a drive-thru event with a special guest offering freebies. You have been hearing about him. Does “Santa Claus” ring a bell (sleigh)?

On Wednesday December 8 and Thursday December 9, Santa will be in the store parking lot at 2015 S. Ely Street in Kennewick for a family event.

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“Our event has grown from 40 people in the first year to over 200 last year,” said Matthew Berglund, public relations coordinator for the Kennewick Irrigation District.

Black Rock Coffee Bar, formerly known as Roasters Coffee, heard of Santa’s visit and donated 60 free drink cards, Berglund added. The cards will be distributed at random.

Kennewick Santa

In addition, KID will organize a Toddler toys toy player at the same time. Visitors are encouraged to donate an unopened toy to those in need.

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Berglund also said that Santa just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hand out all the new gifts again. But he has a busy schedule. Here’s when he has time to meet kids in Kennewick:

  • Wednesday December 8, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.
  • Thursday December 9 3 pm-5pm

KID asks you to stay in your car for the event.



UPDATE: An armed robber shot dead at Walmart in Kennewick fired at least one bullet in incident



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