Karen Hull announces candidacy for Division 3 of Nevada Irrigation District Council


Karen Hull, a client of the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) for 15 years, announced her candidacy for the position of director of NID Division 3 on Friday, according to a press release.

The district includes Pine Lake and large parts of Alta Sierra, McCourtney, Dog Bar and North Auburn. The seat of the Division 3 director will be decided in the general election on November 3.

Hull, who has an MBA and over two decades of professional experience managing large, complex operations at UC Davis – and is a local farmer – operates on a better tax management platform.

“This is a critical time for the Nevada Irrigation District and for water management in California in general. We need leadership from the NID Board of Directors with business experience and the ability to look at issues thoroughly and in the best interests of clients, ”said Hull. “I am excited about the opportunity to serve our community. I bring extensive experience driving organizational change and managing complex business issues to UC Davis.

Hull notes a number of specific concerns regarding the finances of the NID, including many years of spending growing faster than income and negligible reserves available to revitalize the aging infrastructure of the NID. She also cites a study commissioned by NID completed in February that identifies the need to increase untreated water tariffs by 122%. This would have a profoundly negative impact on agriculture and landowners throughout the district.

“The more I learn about the financial and organizational issues facing the NID, the more I realize that we need Karen’s expertise as a representative of our division. said Margaret Joehnck, a resident of Auburn.

John Boykin of the Higgins Fire Protection District Board of Directors believes Hull will bring more fiscal stability to the NID.

“Based on Karen’s background, her work experiences and her ideas for the future, I believe she will serve our community well and lead the division to be more financially responsible.

Hull is committed to focusing the responsibilities of its board of directors on responsible financial management, managing the agency’s aging infrastructure, modernizing its water management system and restoring confidence. public.

For more information on events, donations and volunteer opportunities, please visit http://www.KarenHull4NID.com or send an email to [email protected].


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