John Norton is running for Nevada Irrigation District 5 Division




Candidate John Norton formally ran for the Nevada Irrigation District Division 5 election in November.

A retired water resources manager, Norton is a member of the Wildwood Lake committee, led the application unit of the California Water Council, and was interim director of NID in 2008.

“I have complete experience, creativity and motivation to improve NID’s service and operations, I am running to represent you on the NID Board of Directors.

I was acting director of NID. In addition, I have volunteered on the Nevada County Sanitation District Advisory Committee, the Sierra Streams Institute Board of Trustees, as well as the Lake Wildwood Lake Committee, which focuses on quality of service. water and watershed management.

With 28 years of experience with the California State Water Board, I have extensive knowledge of water issues and the use of cooperative and collaborative management practices. My central objective was to solve the problems of water resources, big and small. I helped secure $ 150 million from the state legislature to help local communities clean up polluted runoff through Clean Beaches Imitative.

Renovation of the 50-year-old water treatment plant that serves Penn Valley and Lake Wildwood will be a top priority. New budget controls to cut spending and control water price increases will be an equally high priority.

I will use my experience to guide the Nevada Irrigation District to its rightful place as a trusted public utility. “

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Source: John Norton for the NID campaign



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