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Merced Irrigation District is taking water orders from producers starting this week and could start delivering water as demand increases in areas of the district.

“We know that many of our growers are concerned about the dry weather this year and need to make plans for the growing season ahead,” said MID general manager John Sweigard. “We want to do our best to support them.

The current price proposed for water in the district is $ 50 per acre-foot in the proposed budget. MID’s Board of Directors is proposing an allocation of 2.5 acre-feet of water per acre for Class I growers. The final price and allocation will be determined later this month. To help those who need more than the allowance, the district will likely implement its supplemental water supply pool program. Used during the last multi-year drought, the subscription program relies on jointly managed groundwater: each year, MID operations replenish more than 100,000 acre-feet of groundwater for use in dry years. Usually, in dry years, MID collects this water. MID Water operations staff cleaned and prepared the canals to make deliveries for the 2021 growing season.

“We are well aware of the pressure that dry years can place on our growers,” said Sweigard of MID. “While we cannot change the amount of precipitation we have received this year, we have functioned in the last few years of drought: MID is well prepared to provide the best possible management of the available water supply. “

Additional information will be released by the district when council takes final action later this month on this year’s water allocation, budget and prices. Seasonal Producer Packages will be mailed and delivered online in the coming weeks.

Options for ordering water include:

  • Orders can be placed at any time online at
  • Orders can be placed at any time using MID’s automated water control system at (866) 825-2475.
  • During weekday business hours, orders can be placed by calling MID Customer Service at (209) 722-2720 or toll free at (800) 750-2720.



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