Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District no longer serves private homes in East Wenatchee


The Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District (GWID) is reducing services for private homes in East Wenatchee next year after assessing its budget.

Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District Manager Craig Gyselinck said they currently have 900 water users who are part of their Local Improvement Districts (LIDs).

LIDs were set up by the Bureau of Reclamation in the 1960s, allowing private developments to finance their own water infrastructure.

Gyselinck explained that his district was too understaffed, having only six people available, nor did he have the budget to keep going into people’s backyards and fixing their irrigation lines. .

He said they had to choose between discontinuing service in some areas or raising their rates.

GWID charges owners a small fee to access their services. This change will reduce their rates from $300 to approximately $250 per year.

Gyselinck wants to reiterate that no one gets their water cut off and the only change will be that landowners in LIDs will be responsible for maintaining their water lines.

GWID sent letters to landowners in the LID made a week before announcing these changes.

These changes will come into effect after January 1, 2023.


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