Grand Valley Schools Resource Officer at Work


October 8 – ORWELL – A long, deliberate process to find a resource officer for local Grand Valley schools is complete and Katie Brockway is at work.

“It’s amazing. I think she had a tremendous impact on the students,” said GV Middle School Principal John Glavickas.

Brockway has been on the job for several weeks and is busy trying to develop positive relationships with students as well as her work on daily security operations at the school which houses kindergarten to seniors in one building. She is the school’s first resource agent.

Brockway said she walks around in and out of school making sure doors are secure and talking to students and teachers along the way.

One of the plans for the coming months includes a club for high school students that could include older students teaching younger students basic safety.

“[Tthe school system] was very inviting. … I feel blessed,” Brockway said.

She spent about a year working for the Ashtabula County Juvenile Court through the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department.

“I didn’t really want to leave,” Brockway said. She said she couldn’t resist the possibility of working full-time in schools.

Brockway said GV High School Principal Roberta Cozad has done a great job as the security officer responsible for making the neighborhood as safe as possible.

The school held a lockdown drill on Thursday and things went well, according to Brockway and Cozad.

The two women addressed the students after the exercise and praised them for how well they had followed the instructions.

“I’ve worked with that in mind for a long time,” Brockway said of her goal to be a resource officer.

She said she coached junior and junior level volleyball.

Brockway said the ability to change young lives as a coach put her on the path to doing the same as a resource officer. She said the students have been very open so far.

“The little ones want a hug,” she said.

Brockway went through the police academy and was integrated into the Orwell Police Department to make the deal happen. The village and the school board had long discussions before creating a memorandum of understanding that creates the framework for the work.

“[Orwell Police Chief] Chad Fernandez is a great mentor,” Brockway said.

Cozad said it’s exciting to have an officer in the building.

“I love having him here,” she said.

Cozad said Brockway has made good inroads with students.

“She doesn’t shy away from students,” she said.

GVLS Superintendent William Nye was clear in the qualities he would like in a Resource Officer. He said he wanted someone who would be an educator and develop positive relationships with students.


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