Grand Valley receives snow


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) – Friday morning, the Grand Valley saw snowfall after weeks of sunshine.

“We had a lot of snow around New Year’s Eve, and I think we had some snow on Christmas Eve. We’ve kind of been pretty dry the last few weeks,” meteorologist Zach Webster said.

Webster says the snowfall can be traced to a system that started last night in the far western United States, “It brought rain, snow like places like Seattle, State of Washington, into Idaho and as it moved south east from Washington State into places like New Mexico, which is heading into our area.

The snowfall occurred Friday morning, which accumulated to about 1.5 inches of snow.

According to Webster, there is no evidence of further snowfall throughout Friday evening in Grand Junction as it was a fairly rapid system, “The snow will come out of Grand Junction, and I think than places along the Continental Divide and to places like Montrose. I think they will see that better chance of snow later in the afternoon and then in the evening. The hours of the night we should start to see things calm down once again.

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