Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District, Dawson Public Power District Continue to Investigate Potential Merger | State and regional


There are advantages and reasons behind the proposed merger.

Central owns and operates hydroelectric power stations that generate electricity for wholesale trade. The zero emissions and renewable energy plans on the supply channel could provide base or peak power to customers in the region.

Central is also a member and could provide access to the Southwest Power Pool, a regional transmission agency that provides wholesale electricity prices to much of central Canada.

In addition, Central also owns and operates a reservoir and canal system that provides irrigation service, recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitat opportunities over much of the Platte River Valley.

Dawson’s assets include an electrical distribution system that serves a retail customer base of approximately 24,000 electrical meters in an area that covers at least part of seven counties in south-central Nebraska.

“I think we owe nothing less to the people we serve to explore how we can do better,” Devin Brundage, CEO of Central, said in the statement. “If there is an opportunity to improve energy costs and reliability … our mission as an electric utility requires us to take a close look at the opportunity. “

Mergers or consolidations of electric utilities in Nebraska are not without precedent.


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