Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District Accepts Grant to Install New Siphon | State and regional


HOLDREGE – The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District board of directors on Monday approved an agreement to accept a grant from the Nebraska Water Sustainability Fund and move forward on a project to install a new siphon on the E Channel -65 to transport water to Elwood Reservoir.

A new siphon alignment was designed to replace the original infrastructure at an estimated cost of $ 16 million, according to a press release. Central applied for financial assistance from the state’s Water Sustainability Fund and received a grant of $ 8,982,946. Central will be responsible for the balance of the cost.

The current three siphons, which were part of the original project construction in the late 1930s, have been in service since 1941. They are essential for delivering water to 150 irrigation clients at 414 separate connection points serving over 42,000 acres, according to CNPPID. After 80 years of service, existing traps deteriorate, requiring many expensive repairs.

The new trap will be approximately 5,400 feet long and will be made of high density polyethylene tubing. Approximately 5,300 additional feet of open channel sections will be part of the project. The installation of this new siphon will ensure the long-term uninterrupted supply of water to the E-65 system and ensure the sustainability of the benefits of irrigation, recharge, recreation and wildlife, according to CNPPID . The new siphon will also eliminate the need for expensive pumping in the Elwood reservoir.


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