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Burley Irrigation District announced Thursday that the district may have to shut off irrigation water six weeks earlier if water conservation measures are not adopted. This 2015 photo shows historical artifacts at the district’s first pumping station, which is part of the district’s water distribution system.

Laurie Welch

BURLEY – Burley Irrigation District officials have announced an early shutdown of canal water for six weeks, unless conservation measures delay it.

The district estimates the depletion of storage water on September 1.

“We will continue to run the water as long as we have storage water to do so,” said Burley Irrigation District General Manager John P. Lind.

The district typically shuts off water from Oct. 15-18, he said.

The district holds superior water rights for natural flow and storage, which generally ensures that district water users have a predictable, abundant and constant supply of irrigation water throughout the season. with much of the storage water that can be carried over to the next season, a letter dated Thursday to BID clients said.

“Unfortunately, that’s not the case this year,” he said.

This spring, the Upper Snake River reservoir system did not fill up and the district’s storage toll ran out by 6,364 acre-feet (AF) at the start of the year. A thin snowpack compounded the shortfall.

BID benefits from holding a 1903 top natural flow directly in the Snake River which is a significant part of the overall irrigation diversion and does not count in its storage accounts. For example, in 2020, natural flow usage totaled over 234,000 AF and continued until mid-July, allowing them to transport over 110,000 AF of storage water to ‘in 2021.



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