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The Black Mountain Irrigation District issues a smell and taste advisory to most of its customers. (File photo)

Black Mountain Irrigation District tap water is safe despite the musty smell and taste

BMID customers complain about chlorine smell and musty taste in tap water

The Black Mountain Irrigation District (BMID) issued a taste and smell advisory after receiving complaints about musty-tasting tap water with a more noticeable chlorine odor than usual.

The notice applies to all BMID customers except those in the Scotty Creek service area. The water service provider said it started receiving complaints on Monday evening. Despite the strange taste and smell, BMID said the levels of chlorine and turbidity remain stable and the water remains drinkable.

“During the winter, BMID provided raw water from Mission Creek that is only disinfected with ultraviolet light and chlorine. With the start of spring runoff, our water treatment plant started up at the end of February. During the transition, there was a mixture of disinfected water only and chemically treated disinfected water, which can contribute to the taste and odor problem. “

If you have a musty smell or taste in your water, BMID suggests the following remedies:

  • Refrigerate the water overnight in an open-top container to allow the chlorine to dissipate into the air.
  • Pass the water through a carbon filter which will absorb residual chlorine and organic compounds.

Although the BMID decreased the chlorination levels very slightly, it may take several days for water to circulate through the distribution system.

Questions about this can be directed to the BMID by calling 250-765-5169.

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