Arnold Irrigation District hopes to close the chasm and restore service by Friday



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A client temporarily redesigns the entire water system

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Monday afternoon Duane Schiedler was at work.

Redo the entire irrigation system of his nursery, Celebrate the season.

“We were told the water was shut off, that there was a major sinkhole in the main canal,” Schiedler told NewsChannel 21.

Schiedler normally draws its irrigation water from Arnold Irrigation District, but this service is currently closed due to a large sinkhole that emerged late last week in the Deschutes River Woods Canal.

District Manager Colin Wills said, “We estimated the sink hole was taking about 30 cfs (cubic feed per second). At the time, we were using 90 cfs. That’s about a third of the water.

Wills has confirmed that all 640 of his customers are out of service, and fixing the sinkhole is going to be tough.

“It’s a tough water year, and it’s only hurting our farmers,” he added.

But in the meantime, Schiedler has transferred his entire nursery to another supplier – which he did for the first time last year, due to the district’s irrigation flow being prematurely shut down.

“We’ve literally spent hundreds of dollars on distributors and additional hoses, and we’re trying to be more efficient with the drip lines,” Schiedler said. “So I put everything back in place. “

He showed us one of the four dividers he bought last year.

“It’s $ 40 a piece right there,” Schiedler said. “So there was $ 160 last year. “

Wills was optimistic that water service could be restored by the end of the week.

“My goal is for construction to be completed, as well as the shotcrete, which is a final project after the reconstruction of the canal, put into service by Friday,” he said.

Construction of the repairs is expected to begin tomorrow, after a plan is drawn up with the help of a local geophysical engineer, the irrigation district said.

Arnold Irrigation is also considering piping the canal, which they believe could prevent this problem in the future. There is a public meeting on the matter in June.



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