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Mary Dupuis, Arts & Entertainment editor

The GV art gallery welcomes new pieces on campus

The GVSU Art Gallery now presents the work of Javier Salazar Rojas, who bears the name of “Deported Artist”, in honor of last September being Hispanic Heritage Month.

Salazar Rojas specializes in painting on different mediums such as acrylic, oils and aerosols. He also loves digital art.

He said his work is inspired by his life struggles and those of his culture. He said his aim was to respond to the need for immigration reform, the rights of agricultural workers and the need for change in the face of social injustices.

A second new collection at the gallery features the work of GVSU photographers documenting the GVSU College of Health Professions.

Some of the photos are on the 4th floor of the DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health, and the full series can be found in the gallery’s online collection.

Grand Rapids Art Museum presents new exhibition of prints

The Grand Rapids Art Museum’s latest exhibition, “An Art of Changes,” features prints by Jasper Johns Prints from 1960 to 2018.

Johns, an American artist, first published his paintings of flags and targets in 1958. Following this release, he was immediately acclaimed and was able to establish his art style as a branch between abstract expressionism and pop. art.

For 60 years Johns continued to make prints using a variety of printmaking techniques.

The exhibit opened to members with an opening of the members’ exhibit on October 1 and to the general public on October 2.

Grand Rapids Public Museum opens new exhibition on bats

The Grand Rapids Public Museum recently unveiled its new exhibit titled “Bats: Masters of the Night”.

While bats are often stereotyped as scary, blood-sucking creatures, this exhibit aims to show that in real life bats are gentle and beneficial animals.

The exhibition features realistic models, interactive multisensory screens and environmentally friendly decors.

Visitors enter the exhibition through a Gothic castle, where they will encounter centuries of different cultures and their own mythical depictions of bats.

They will then be taken to a transition area that features photographs of bat portraits and a giant screen video to show the audience the real and diverse world of bats. In the video, the skills and abilities of bats will be shown as used in their natural habitat.

There will also be a hands-on exhibit to showcase nighttime bat activities such as echolocation (sonar ability), pollination, feeding and flight. In order to demonstrate echolocation, visitors can use a joystick to control a foraging bat model using a laser to simulate sonar.

Visitors will also be invited to visit a bat nursery to learn how bat mothers use sound to help them find their babies.

The exhibition is included in the general admission to the museum.

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