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ACP Y Kikheto Sema and his team during their visit to the Nzu Valley Integrated Irrigation Project in Tseminyu Subdivision, held on July 15. (Photo DIPR)

Tseminyu, July 16 (MExN): A team led by Agricultural Production Commissioner Y Kikheto Sema visited the Nzu Valley Integrated Irrigation Project in Tseminyu Subdivision for inspection of NEC funded projects and called for accountability and accountability. transparency on July 15.

Speaking on the inspection side, a report from DIPR said Kikheto had expressed concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and maintained that it was time for Nagas to learn the need to have self-sufficiency in food production. He called on the Naga youth in particular to venture into new regions by exploring the rich favorable climatic conditions, adding that the government is focusing on how to generate jobs to support the livelihoods of the people.

He stressed the need to integrate various departments such as horticulture, animal husbandry, agriculture, soil and water conservation, fisheries, irrigation and water resources to work in tandem in sharing technical inputs to improve food production which is a growing concern around the world and added that efficient management and use of these resources is very important to increase the productivity of food production per unit area.

APC argued that one of the main reasons for low productivity in horticulture / agriculture is the gradual deterioration of soils due to erosion. The factors of soil erosion are due to excessive deforestation, overgrazing and as a result, valuable topsoil is lost and its fertility is depleted resulting in low horticultural / agricultural yield.

Kikheto expressed his gratitude to the contractor Benjamin I Lorin for carrying out the works even during the monsoon despite the road conditions and urged him to complete the remaining works as soon as possible for the good of the people.

Chief water resources engineer H Hotovi Ayemi said water is becoming scarce due to global climate change and unpredictable drought conditions. He said the department also provides the training required for the economical use of water and also asked to inform the department to identify potential areas that can benefit the people of the state.

The inspection team was accompanied by Deputy Development Commissioner Neinguisle Zhasa, HE Chubasashi Chang, SDO Er Phutheguo Khawkhrie JE Er Nungsangmar and officials from the Information and Public Relations Directorate.



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