Mini loans have two advantages that are not so easy to see in the credits that you can negotiate with traditional banks. The same name of this financial product refers to two fundamental characteristics: the limitation of the amount that you can receive (which also implies a greater speed when receiving it) and the possibility of doing the procedures online.

Next, we tell you why you may be interested in requesting mini loans with us.

Miniprestamos: procedures reduced to the minimum expression

Two of the things that most discouraged you at the time of requesting a loan from the usual banks were the high chances that they would not grant it and the lengthy steps you had to take.

Miniprestamos free you from these unpleasant experiences. First of all, because the procedures you have to complete are very simple:

  • Be of legal age (between 18 and 65 years old).
  • Reside in Spain
  • Have an active bank account.
  • Own a mobile phone, to receive notifications about the loan.
  • Demonstrate a regular income (payroll, unemployment benefit, pension, etc.).

You can already imagine that you have saved a large part of the documentation that, in negotiations with other banks, you would have had to photocopy and contribute.

But, apart, keep in mind that you will lighten the paperwork and face-to-face procedures. The agility and flexibility are advantages, in this aspect, very relevant, since you will be able to send all the information and the appropriate guarantees by email. In addition, you have to assess that you will be able to consult your doubts by phone or email and they will be cleared as soon as possible.

The system very simple

Once you are clear that you meet the requirements, it is time to launch to request that miniprestamo you need to meet your urgent payments (such as the tuition of a college course that will start soon or a debt you have with a friend and that you should have already paid him, etc.).

The first thing you have to do is create your account on our website, from which you will request the miniprestamo. It is a very simple and intuitive step. Then, you will choose the amount of the mini loan that you want and the term in which you want to return it.

This information will generate your request, which you must validate and send. And, finally, you will see how your online mini-loan application is approved, so you can receive the money in your bank account (within a period of approximately a quarter of an hour).

You already know the interesting advantages of mini loans without requirements.

Get money quickly

Why do people often prefer to choose responsible loan options? Because they allow you to have a useful financial product, fast, effective and without intending to waste money.

Advantages of mini-loans

The mini-loans offer a specific amount of money to be able to face the corresponding needs and do not grant more amount so as not to increase the possibility of generating larger debts and subsequent waste of money.

Thanks to intermediary platforms between client and bank like ours, you can get money instantly and have quick mini loans that will arrive within 30 days.

If you need, urgently have a service like this, you can request it in a few minutes, after accepting our cookies policy and see the conditions we offer, making reference to the delivery times, the banks with which we work, etc. .

Customize our service

Thanks to our service and the provisions we offer to our clients, the mini-loans to choose from can be customized to your liking and needs, as well as, optimal for your personal situation and accessible to each one of them.

How to request it?

In a few minutes, you will be able to fill out a loan application where you can make clear your different personal data that will be treated professionally and confidentially. You can trust that these data that you have given us will not be filtered without any consent.

The amount of the loan is usually adapted to the needs of the client’s situation after receiving their initial request, which will be analyzed and valued by the employees of our company.

Once your request has been accepted by us, you can have your money in the deposit that suits you best: bank account, credit card, and even, Paypal account, if you prefer.

Solutions available to our customers

After analyzing the profiles of the applicants, they will also choose what type of interest should cover when returning the money. This decision of the lender is made for the benefit of the client, always looking for their good and being aware of their economic situation and the amount of money that has been granted.

We know that there are people who can not obtain money from any financial institution or institution, due to their requirements when it comes to facilitating loans to clients: payroll, fixed labor contract, etc. We are aware that not everyone can meet these requirements and we do not want our customers to suffer major financial problems that will lead to a worse situation later.

Discover all the services we offer

Enter our website and know the different personalized loan services we offer so that our clients can reach all their projects and goals with just a little extra help from us that they will get in a matter of days.

Stay away from conventional banking systems, from bureaucratic procedures and their possible and almost certain delays and, of course, from their possible negatives because you do not meet the objectives required by the different banking entities.

Now, paying your child’s college or starting your new business will be easier thanks to the help we offer at Bonsai Finance.

Thanks to the best services in technology, we can analyze which loan you should choose, what is the most advisable to offer you and what is the risk to which we expose ourselves or not by offering it to you. Therefore, getting money online has never been so simple.

Ask for information without commitment about the different services we offer and discover which is the best for yours and for you.