Imagine the following: we want to buy a second-hand bike for a long time, but to this day none convinces us. The brands we see are not the ones we want, the ones we like have too many kilometers or are very far from our city … the big problem is that we have a very tight budget and, in addition, we are a little demanding, we are not worth anything.
Suddenly, when we least expect it, SHE appears. It fulfills all our requirements: it is in our city, it is our dream brand, it is impeccable, it has a few kilometers … but there is a problem, we spend a little of our budget. Only a little…. and we do not want to let it escape for anything in the world, but nobody can leave us the money. The best solution? The urgent credits.

Let’s put another assumption: the famous September slope begins, for us more than a hill is a steep ravine, we have school-age children and we have just returned from vacations with holes in our pockets. We make a list of “essential things” that children need to start school and between clothes and books we lose a salary. The best solution? Ask for an urgent credit.

Its flexibility when adapting to all kinds of circumstances have caused that this type of products have evolved a lot in a short time. Today it can be said that there is a credit for every need, adapting to all (or almost all) of the pockets. Before the crisis, it used to go to financial institutions to apply for loans with brutal interests that were barely returned, but that they gave very easily. Now, they look at the economic situation with a magnifying glass and ask for a thousand requirements to ensure that they borrow, which makes it more difficult to access them.

In short, the existence of unmet needs (those of rapid credit) has generated the emergence of a new type of business perfect for people who, at a given time, need a small amount of money, more or less urgently .

Specific needs for liquidity

Urgent online credits

These financial products should not be understood as a loan to use. In reality, they are designed to meet specific liquidity needs. Therefore they do not serve to finance a large purchase, for example. But they can cushion the impact of unforeseen expenses or increase the budget you had to make a purchase.

Among its advantages we can highlight:

  • Speed We are practically talking about credits instantly.
  • Facilities It is so easy to get these credits, which can be requested without a payroll or appearing in the ANSEF registry.

Instant financing

The companies that manage mini online loans are able to verify the fulfillment of all requirements to obtain the money in about 15 minutes. Therefore, you will know almost instantaneously if we can grant you the financing you need or not. Also, in less than 30 days you can have the money entered in your account.

The only requirements that we demand from the person requesting the money are:

  • That is of legal age.
  • Have a telephone number and a bank account.

In addition, you must have a regular source of income, in order to verify your solvency. However, it is indifferent that their income comes from income from work or capital, from a pension, from a subsidy …

Everything is facilities

Requesting a credit through the Internet you can find that everything is easy. We have already explained how quickly you will receive the requested capital, but it is also that the paperwork you have to do is practically non-existent.

The mini-credit companies usually work through the Internet. In any case, they have intermediaries like us, who choose the best offers so that you do not have to worry about anything at all.

In addition, you can make phone calls or email if you need to recommend the product that best suits your needs. Remember that, as we work with several companies, we can always offer you the best conditions.

However, if you consult our website, you can check that we have very intuitive and visual calculators. That is to say, you can forget about the traditional paperwork, the queue at the branch of the bank and the kilometric and incomprehensible contracts. New financial practices put all facilities at your fingertips.

What is ANSEF?

ANSEF is the acronym of “National Association of Financial Credit Establishments”. This entity manages the database in which individuals or companies that may have incurred any non-payment are included. In short, it is the dreaded register of defaulters.

Being in the delinquent registry can be a headache. It will make the obtaining of credit and the contracting of services difficult, since the members of ANSEF have access to the file. In addition, you can check the record of defaults of any person for less than 30 euros.

However, thanks to instant credits through the Internet, you can get money even if they have included you in this file. We work both with people included in the file and with people who can not provide payroll.

Apply now for financing to your needs

As we say, instant credits are not a loan to use. But they will put at your disposal between 200 and 800 euros in a jiffy. Thanks to them, you can forget about the headache that comes with taking care of that unexpected repair of the car, that unexpected bill from the supplier or that surprise fine.

Mini urgent credits? No problem

1 – I just got unemployed. According to recent data from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, in July 2017 almost 1.7 million labor contracts were signed in Spain, 92.8% were temporary contracts and the rest, undefined. That is, at some point in their lives, millions of people will be unemployed again and will also need urgent online credits to face eventualities. Being without a job or not having a fixed payroll is no problem to reach these types of products and your concession will also be made in a matter of minutes and with all the facilities for return, seriousness and commitment.

2 – I’m on the list of defaulters. How many times have you threatened to enter that list due to unfair situations? The first thing that comes to mind are two things: a) I will not be able to ask for money and b) I will not be able to get out of there easily. Well, this is not an impediment when it comes to asking for urgent mini-credits, if for whatever reason, you enter the black list of ASNEF. The fact that a small amount is requested, to be repaid in a short period of time, makes it especially attractive. It also has the advantage that it is not necessary to wait or go through bureaucratic matters, precisely because of its punctual nature.

The “trick” is the low fee commission that is applied, especially if you return the money as soon as possible. That is, in this case, the effort always has a prize.

3 – I have lost papers that show my economic viability. Especially interesting for entrepreneurs (although also for private individuals) who are in a hurry or need to inject money into their business and who do not have the documents that the bank would request to grant a loan. This aspect does not matter, like the previous ones, since to get a small amount urgently the only thing they are going to ask is that they are between 18 and 65 years old, a bank account, a credit or debit card, have a mobile phone and have no debts with any financial institution. All this process is done online and, once the application is approved, the money is entered into the account in a matter of minutes. Maybe we are talking about the only way many entrepreneurs have access to immediate liquid money.

Differences between urgent and traditional online credits 


In line with the emergence of new technological trends and ways of working, the business of urgent online credits bases its success on the Internet. Processing these products online not only protect the anonymity of customers, but they save a lot of time traveling and waiting. Traditional credits (that is, those offered by banks) are preceded by much more paperwork and physical presence.

Another big difference between both is the amount to ask. In the first case, they are usually small amounts that do not exceed 800 euros (approximately) destined to solve an unforeseen event or to complete a certain quantity that is needed urgently. In the second case, the figures reach thousands of euros (for example to buy a car) and it is something much more thoughtful and not so urgent.

One of the main differences and, possibly, the one that has contributed the most to the popularity of urgent mini-credits are the requirements that are asked for and those that we have already discussed above. Traditional personal loans have to be guaranteed to secure their collection and they need much more paperwork than the others, which are more accessible.

Following the line of the previous, other of the big differences are the transparency, rapidity and simplicity of the urgent credits. Using the simulator offered by the platform, you know at all times and in advance how much interest you are going to pay and how long, nothing of reading several small print documents that you barely understand and then waiting several days to find out if you approve or not In the first case, once the simulation is done, fill out the form and it is a matter of minutes that you have the money in your bank account.

Being different amounts, it is logical that the refund takes longer in the case of traditional loans. Although in both cases, the later you return it, the more you pay, it is more convenient to split the payments and not be drowned by a high amount. While in one case we may be talking about years paying “bills”, in the other we can finalize the contract in weeks that the client can choose (up to a maximum, depends on the amount).

A very important aspect to keep in mind is the interest rate. In fact, when making our calculations it is very important that this amount is reflected in the budget, in the case of quick loans do not have to end in a headache since, being the small loan amount, so is the type of interest; In addition, it does not vary from one person to another as it happens in the case of the traditional ones, which fluctuates depending on the economic situation of the client. Interestingly, the less purchasing power you have, the more you pay.

Transparency and regulations

Like any commercial activity, that of loans is covered by legislation and subject to a series of rules that make it a transparent and reliable business. Specifically, Law 22/2007, of July 11, on distance marketing of financial services for consumers regulates this type of loans.

There are many myths and urban legends about “lenders” that have nothing to do with the activity of these companies who, although they have nothing to do with the banking and financial entities, offer the fast loan service with all the legal guarantees. In addition to the law mentioned above, when the amounts exceed 200 euros, the conditions established in Law 16/2011, of June 24, of consumer credit agreements must be met.

In the case of the first, it regulates basic aspects such as the characteristics that the information must have when requesting a quick credit. For example, the client must know, before signing, the total amount of the loan (including commissions) as well as the penalties that will be imposed in case of default and all legal data of the lender, such as company name, telephone, address , etc.

In the case of the consumer credit law, the consumer’s rights are established for this type of product (from 200 euros, as we have said).

In conclusion, nowadays, the needs of the market and the change of life of society have led to the natural birth of different companies and products: more effective, faster and willing to adapt to the needs of each one. The mini credit and urgent online credits are a way to help the personal economy at a given time, with the confidence as a consumer that we have rights and with the peace of mind that we will be able to return the loan.