The mini-credits have been adapted as a customized solution in accordance with the times and modern problems. More and more people in Spain request them. Precisely because of the suitability of the solutions they offer for their situations.

If you also want to benefit from this financing option, read on. Because we are going to explain what elements you need to be able to request them.

What you need to request mini-credits

The first thing will be to fix the amount you need. Think about your needs, what you hope to achieve and set the money that you will need, so you do not fall short.

The second thing you have to do is have a bank account. It is not money that can be delivered by hand or with another destination that is not associated with you. Therefore, it will be essential to have your account information and your number. And it is that these payments are made through a transfer.

This is only one of the elements we request, since we ask for all the necessary information to verify that you are the owner of the account and that it is your person who requests the money. It is a basic protection measure so that nobody asks for money impersonating an identity. Therefore, it is something that protects you.

Another requirement, of course, is to be of legal age. Due to issues of legal responsibility, it is impossible for a person under 18 years of age to apply for a small loan under conditions, since it would not be a binding or regulated transaction.

When to request them

As we have already explained, you can order at any time. Whenever you need money they will be at your disposal in a few minutes. In addition, as it is small injections, they are quite comfortable both when hiring them and returning them, since they do not usually exceed one thousand euros.

The other advantage they present is that they will reach you in 15 minimums, at the most. And they are designed for emergencies, adapted to modern needs. When you want tickets for a concert or for an event, when one month you have not yet charged, when you have had too many expenses and so on, you can choose to get money instantly.

And this solution can help you fix your situation. You will not always need to contract a large bank loan, and this would be the ideal intermediate point.

In conclusion, these financial products are one of the most interesting monetary solutions of today. They can get you out of a lot of trouble and help you with whatever extra expense you're going to have. We offer a wide variety of them, to give you the help you need when you need it.

Mini responsible credits

They are a financial product whose amount does not normally exceed € 1000 and with a due date of approximately one month. These have seen their demand grow almost exponentially in recent years due to many reasons, although the main one has been the crisis that has affected many people in Spain.

Our commitment is to help you carry out your projects, help you with the appearance of unforeseen expenses, or simply that you can face small temporary financial potholes advocating responsible use of credits by providing clear and transparent information.

The mini-credit industry is full of confusing prices, surprise fees and rigid reimbursements, so we set out to offer you something different. With Bonsai Finance you will not have unpleasant surprises. You will be aware of the fees of your credits, with no surprises at the last minute.

Our commitment is to favor the access to fast personal loans to the greatest number of people fighting at the same time against long-term indebtedness.

Online mini-credits: a process adapted to your needs

online mini-credits As we have specified above, our goal is to act in such a way that it is as easy as possible for you to pay your online mini-credits at the time of expiration. It is for this reason that when you apply for a quick loan, you may be asked to provide information on your debit / credit cards.

From Bonsai Finance we advise you to always provide a debit card to avoid possible problems. Once your mini-loan expires, the lender will handle the return process for you.

If you can not pay your online mini-credit on its due date, sometimes the lender may give you the option to pay only the fees, and extend the term and conditions of the same as an extension, so you can reorganize in the best way and pay your debt.

Most important advantages of online mini-credits

Getting a loan in a financial institution is, for many people, an impossible mission. Given this problem, there are companies specializing in the loan of different amounts thanks to online mini-credits, which have great advantages to return the money and without needing to change the financial entity.

While our lifelong bank denies funding requests every time you need money, fast mini-credit companies help you, even if you have a problem (not having a fixed income or having little capital).

What advantages do they have? Next, we see all of them.

1. Simple processing

All requests for money are made in a simple way. The contract is simpler and can be closed by mobile phone or by email. A quick mini credit can be requested without leaving the house.

2. Greater probability of concession

The customer is the most important thing for lenders. Therefore, they accept most requests for financing from the client.

3. Money enters quickly and repayment terms are extended

In a matter of hours the money will reach the bank accounts of the person who has requested it. Regarding the repayment terms, although it usually begins to be amortized after 30 days, there are offers that extend it for more than three months.

4. No payroll

It is the problem that many people have. If you do not have a payroll, you do not have a fixed monthly income or you are autonomous, nothing happens. However, the lender will want to make sure you have income to return the money.

5. No explanations

Contrary to what happens in a financial institution, no explanations of any kind are required. Lenders will not ask you what you need the money for.

6. Without endorsements

As these are quite small quantities, the client does not need any third-party endorsement or goods.

7. It is allowed to negotiate to extend the terms to return the money

Some entities allow the return of the money to be postponed in extensions, granting us another 30 calendar days to pay the amounts owed.

8. Request more than one credit

Although the ideal is not to leverage, online mini-credit entities allow you to apply for another credit, even if you have another one pending.

9. Are you in any file of defaulters? Do not worry

Some entities grant financing to individuals or legal entities listed as the ASNEF.

10. Requests financing 365 days a year

Even if it is a weekend or Christmas day, requesting a mini-credit is possible any day of the week, at all hours and 365 days a year.

Online mini-credits are the best solution to face small daily or unexpected expenses.

The curiosities you should know about small credits

Since financial institutions closed the credit tap, thousands of people have sought alternatives that are equally reliable and even more advantageous. One of the most important alternatives is that of small loans, which help us get money quickly and safely. This option is currently the most requested to have extra capital.

Why has it become the most requested option for financing? Below, we offer you five curiosities to understand why they are highly requested.

Low amount credits: the curiosities that make them the most requested

Knowing why they are the preferred option for thousands of people will help us understand the most important benefits of this form of financing.

Conditions with much more flexibility

Yes. When we talk about flexibility we do it thinking about the banking entities, which impose high and strict requirements, since they come to take into account all our credit history.

In addition, if we appear on a list of defaulters (such as ASNEF) or do not have a payroll, the chances of not getting financing are very high.

However, requesting money thanks to these small loans is completely simple: no payroll is required, simply a demonstrable and regular financing option. Forget the guarantees, debts and bank accounts required by the entities.

Best interest rate

Other banking options such as loans require a great effort in interest, commissions and even opening.

In the case of the mini-loans, when they are repaid in the short term, no interest rates are applied such as the APR: a percentage is applied that depends on the amount and the term. Also, the sooner you return it, the better conditions for you.

Request financing at any time and place

We speak of being one of the options with a higher response in case you are granted financing. In just 15 minutes after sending the application process you can have your cash for whatever you want.

You do not have to go quickly to an office or wait for it to open (especially on weekends or holidays): you can make a form online to request the amounts. You only need to have a mobile phone on hand to confirm the request via SMS.

The online process has the following benefits:

  • Agile and fast process.
  • Fast and immediate response.
  • Without documentation or paperwork.
  • Money available in a few minutes.
  • When and for what you want.

Without concrete purpose

It is perhaps the main reason why these credits of small amount are the preferred option for thousands of people: it is not necessary to present a budget nor to say what you will need it for. Forget about long explanations, questions or refusals on the part of the entities.

Emergency financing

Have you seen how the neighbor goes on vacation and you want to go too? Do you need to pay for the books of the school child and do not have enough money? Do you have a breakdown or investment at home and need the money as soon as possible? They are three of the many circumstances that may arise in the day. With these low-value credits we manage to face any unforeseen event at any time of the year, without explanations and with a source of money that will support us in the worst moments.

This option of low-value credits is increasingly widespread. We can say that it has not reached ceiling. If you were wondering why this happens, you already have the answer you were waiting for. Ask for a small loan and forget the problems.

Request your money now!

Receive your quick loan in your bank account in minutes. Enjoy simple and comfortable conditions!

How much money do you need?

From € 200 to € 800

To return in?

From 1 to 6 weeks TAE equivalent TAE is not the same as the interest rate we charge. The annual equivalent rate is used to calculate the effective cost of a long-term financial product. The APR is useful for comparing long-term loans. In Bonsai Dinero we offer loans for a maximum period of 6 weeks, so it is not very logical to calculate the annual rate and it does not serve as a clear comparison. Example TAE: 2333% + ” + honorarios + “€ de honorarios: “+ (importe + honorarios) +”€ a devolver en ” + semanas + ” semanas”);
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