Choosing a loan online , is a very serious decision, especially when the amount to which you aspire is great. Neither should we belittle the small loans, since it is also necessary to know any type of financial service to the millimeter, especially if this generates a debt . Next we want to talk to you about some of the safest companies to request an online loan in Spain and they will be available in 2019:

Credit (Small amounts and also considerable)

Creditea belongs to the company: International Personal Finance Digital Spain SAU , which is part of the Personal Finance PLC group . A company that offers personal loans in several countries of the world. With this company you can buy an amount of € 500 minimum and € 5,000 maximum . The maximum set of quotas to return is 36 installments, which have been 3 years. € 5,000 for 3 years, would be approximately € 192 per month . A perfect debt if for example you want to buy a cheap car, such as a second-hand vehicle or a km0, paying a part.

  • Disadvantages : they do not accept clients that are included in the Asnef / Morosos registry.

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Vivus (Small amounts)

It is one of the most used companies in Spain, especially for the young public. By not asking for an indefinite payroll and making the money transfer, immediately, they have also obtained a fixed clientele. It is one of the web pages where the application is most quickly filled and the fastest it is known if it has finally been approved. The large presence of television ads has also made it a very popular company, but it should be noted that when a service is so fast and simple, word of mouth, becomes one of the most important factors to achieve the success of this company and its improvements.

  • Amounts that can be requested : from € 50 to € 300 in new customers. Up to € 1,000 customers who have already applied once . Being a serious and effective company, they benefit the clients that have had the responsibility of returning previous loans, with an access to larger amounts of money.
  • Interests : no interest for new clients.

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The customer service by Vivus is quite original, since for example you can communicate through WhatsApp , when it is for example to send important documents and verify if you have finally been approved.

Cetelem (Considerable amounts)

cetelem logo

They have a fairly advanced service, in terms of technology and support. For example, they have an application with which you can see the status of your debt and the percentage you have left to return it, all with a very simple and elegant design. Many people who finance Cetelem, do so through businesses, since it is one of the companies that has more “agreements” with all kinds of stores, so that customers can finance their products. This financier is actually part of Banco BNP Paribás . It is not any company, in Spain they have been working for 30 years and have financed more than € 4,500,000,000 .

  1. Amounts : up to € 60,000 in 40 months. Being one of the financial with recognition, that more money offer compared to the majority.
  2. Other financial services : They also offer credit cards with a line of credit of up to € 3,000 , insurance company services and implementation of financing in online businesses.

Loans 123 of Banco Santander.

For those who do not trust financial companies so much, we also want to talk about this bank loan. At Banco Santander they have a loan simulator to check what the interest, fees, etc. would be like … Besides having the option to fill out a form to be called offering all the information you need. This loan is also available to freelancers and users with debts , who are paying them.

  1. Amounts : up to € 60,000 in 8 years .
  2. Advantages: banks have a greater capacity to negotiate, when there are unpaid installments or you want to amortize the loan (Pay a part or its entirety, ahead of time) .
  3. Disadvantages : the risk they have when giving money, is not as big as some companies that we are mentioning in this list.

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Cofidis Loans (Up to € 15,000)

We always see this company on TV and it is still one of the companies with the most clients. They have two types of loans, the “direct credit” and “project credit” , the least interest is the “project credit” . This website has a section for clients, with which to manage everything related to the debt, its payments, the amount etc …

  1. Quantities : from € 500 to € 15,000

Bad opinions about Cofidis?

Throughout all this time, there are people who have criticized this company and tarnished its image. This is because many times people who make more noise are those who are dissatisfied with a product or service. This company is still one of the most serious in Spain.

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Which company of the above should I choose?

Before it is necessary to determine the amount that is desired. For example, Vivus is one of the most recommended companies if it is a small amount to be repaid in a month, otherwise Cetelem or Banco Santander, are more recommended in cases of much larger amounts, to be repaid in years.