Online mini-credits are becoming one of the solutions to obtain liquidity quickly and easily. Consumer loans have become one of the most common sources for citizenship when it comes to getting money. However, the paradigm is changing as, instead of asking banks, it is turning to Internet entities.

After all, the products of the financial companies that operate on the network have characteristics that are usually better adapted to the needs of the public. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about one of the star products that they usually offer: online mini-credits .

What are online mini-credits?

Mini Credits Online

These financial products are loans designed for urgent and reduced liquidity needs. That is, they are not designed to give large amounts of money, but they do fit a wide range of needs. In fact, as a general rule, these usually cover amounts that start at 50 euros and can reach 500 euros.

You should always bear in mind that there are many entities that offer them, so each one has its own conditions regarding money. Now, almost never usually exceed 750 euros in terms of the maximum they can offer. And this is based on the very meaning of this product which is the possibility of accessing a reduced amount of money, but which is important enough to require a loan.

Characteristics of online mini credits

Now that we have talked to you in a general way about this product, we will go on to expose you the main characteristics that mini online credits present .

Directed to individuals

The first thing you should keep in mind is that these online mini-credits are designed for individuals who have a specific need in their personal area. That is, your target audience are not companies because the amounts offered are too low to cover these needs.

Completely digital

Another of the main characteristics of this performance is that both the application and the concession process and its management have to be done on the Internet. That is, there will be no fixed entities that offer you a credit of these characteristics. Banks and other traditional financial entities do not market these assets.

Small quantities

Third, we must mention its main characteristic and the one that makes it have the name of online mini-credit which is the fact that only small quantities can be ordered. They are designed for urgent contingencies that you must solve yes or yes but that do not suppose you a too high expense.

In fact, the amounts that are included in this type of product are those that remain empty for banks, but of which you may not have at any given time. Therefore, the fork is placed between 50 and 500 or 750 euros maximum.


It is also very important to take into account the speed since this ability is usually especially important in these efforts. If you as a user go to the digital environment in search of a loan of these characteristics, the speed of management will be one of your priorities.

The normal thing is that the needs to cover of these loans are urgent so you will need quickness to obtain the money or to look for other ways of financing and to solve your unforeseen situation as soon as possible.


Closely related to the previous concept, simplicity is found. It is about making a difference with traditional entities and these, as a rule, usually have tedious and quite complex processes to access financing. For this reason, in the digital environment we try to simplify everything to the maximum.

Reduced return period

Last but not least, we must mention that in this type of financing the term of return is quite small. The most common is that they understand from a week to a month or, in some cases, two. In this way, the idea will be that you get out of your economic predicament and quickly pay off your debt.

Certainly, this can be an advantage especially if you know that soon you will receive the money you are asking and do not want to be dragging a debt for several months. Therefore, the prompt return is another factor that you have to take into account.

What types of online mini-credits exist?

If we start talking to you about the online mini-credits that exist, we would never end. Many Internet financial entities have several types of mini-credits depending on the situation of each user. However, there are two modalities that are repeated with assiduity.

In any case, our advice is to use a comparator to find the type of digital mini-credit that suits you best.

Online mini-credit without payroll

We are going to put you in situation: imagine that you do not have a payroll and that you suffer an urgent breakdown in your home. Despite not having a payroll you need the money to get out of this predicament and as soon as possible since it is the place where you live and you need to be in good condition.

Well, many entities give you the ability to request a mini online credit , even if you do not have a payroll. The most normal thing is that they require you to have stable or periodic income, such as the payment of unemployment, the collection of a pension or a maintenance. Another possibility is that you work as a freelance or you are autonomous and your income is not considered payroll but bill collection.

In this case, many companies have a specific financial product for you that can get you out of more than one predicament.

Online mini credit with ASNEF

Another modality that is usually found in several financial companies is online mini-credits with ASNEF. This typology is designed for those people who appear in the files of ASNEF and are helpless at the time of requesting financing from any credit institution.

While it is true that there are companies that do not contemplate this possibility, in many others they do offer the possibility to these people to obtain a mini online credit . Certainly, this “permission” is due to the fact that in the digital environment the thought of granting credits is different.

While in traditional banks what is sought is to provide financing to those who have an unblemished record and offers a 100% chance of return, on the Internet companies are “risking” a little more. Why? Very easy. Because not everyone who appears in ASNEF is a defaulter.

On the contrary, companies usually have a lot of freedom to include people in these files. In this way, you can find someone who for a non-payment of 30 euros is in this file. But it is more, is that many times the default has been made by some injustice that the company did not want to recognize.

In other cases, those who appear on these lists have already paid off their debt, but do not know how to get out of this register or are in the process of doing so when the need arises for them to have money. Well, all these people represent an important market niche that many companies have decided to take advantage of.

Besides, of course, giving these people the opportunity to obtain financing if they need it.

What are the requirements to request an online mini-credit?

Mini credit online now

As for the requirements necessary to be able to request a mini-credit on the Internet, they usually depend on the entity that offers them. However, given that we know the products of different companies, we can provide you with general information about the general conditions that must be met for practically all companies.

  • Be of legal age, since the responsibility of returning the money has to fall on the applicant and, for this, this must be of legal age.
  • Have a bank account and own it. That is, the money can not be entered into an account in which the applicant does not appear as the owner.
  • Reside in Spain since if you live abroad you must ask for it in your place of residence.
  • Have a valid identification document.
  • Have stable income, even if they are of a different nature than a payroll.
  • Have an email address
  • Have a mobile phone so that the entity can locate you if necessary.

As you can see, they are not especially complex requirements to meet since the purpose of these financing is to be accepted by everyone who requires it. Therefore, if you fulfill all of the above, they will surely grant you the money you require.

Procedure to request an online mini credit

The first thing we should highlight about the procedure to obtain this type of financing is that it is usually very simple and fast in practically any portal that offers it. However, the steps to follow may vary depending on the entity chosen.

In any case, just as we have done in previous sections, we are going to offer you general information so that you have an idea of ​​what the procedure is like from the time you apply for the loan and until it is granted.

  1. Search of the website: all these credits are granted digitally so you must access the company’s website and see the conditions.
  2. Make the simulation: most websites have a tool to simulate the money you need and the time you want to return it.
  3. Make the request: once you simulate what you need, the page will ask for some personal and banking information to study your profile as a client and offer you an offer.
  4. Reception of the response: after sending the request the entity will give you a negative response, informing you that it does not grant you the financing, or positive. In the latter case, they will provide you with all the information regarding the return conditions and the total amount to be paid and you can accept or reject it.
  5. Receiving the money: once you accept the proposal, you will receive the money you have requested in your account. Normally the reception is usually immediate, although it can take at most 48 hours.

When may this financial product be necessary?

Throughout the text we have spoken that these products are designed to meet very specific needs. Well then, let’s give some examples. In this way, perhaps you can get interesting information to guide you to know if this type of financing is what you need.

Breakdowns in the home

One of the most common cases for which people usually require online mini-credits is when they have a breakdown in the home and can not afford to pay. While it is true that insurance often take care of many breakdowns, depending on the conditions of the same or the insurance coverage, you might find yourself helpless.

On the other hand, another of the problems related to the home is usually the breakage of some domestic appliance. These are essential and require a quick replacement.

Faults in the vehicle

Vehicles are essential to go to work and travel. For this reason, when they break down, the urge to fix them is maximum. In the event that you see yourself without cash to pay for the repair, an online mini-credit could be the solution.

Opportunities that expire

This is, for example, the payment of the tuition of a course that you have always wanted to do and that has a deadline or the use of an offer for a trip or for any other question you need. For example, if you need a computer and an offer is presented to you, you can take advantage of it by requesting a mini-credit on the Internet.

Compare, compare and compare: the key to success

Before finishing, we can not stop talking about the importance of comparing. The digital environment has led to the creation of a large number of companies dedicated to the granting of this type of financing.

Each of them has their conditions and their fees so comparing is the only way to find the most suitable company to order online mini-credits.