There are a few days to collect and suddenly you have an unexpected economic situation that you can not afford. Does this situation sound like? If you’re tired of having to turn to friends and family, or if your life bank has long since stopped supporting you … it’s time for you to know everything that personal credit can do for you.

What are and what characterizes personal credit?

A personal credit is a quantity of money that a creditor facilitates in moments of special financial delicacy. In this way, thanks to the punctual support of the creditor, you can face the unforeseen events that, otherwise, could cause you serious problems of various kinds.

As you can imagine, these credits began to spread when, with the beginning of the current economic crisis back in 2008, traditional banks stopped trusting in the few guarantees offered by their clients to repay loans. To help those homeless clients, certain financial entities appeared, assuming a lifeline for people who can not or do not want to go to banks to request a loan.

Personal loans are characterized by not being very high, unlike mortgage loans. In addition, the interests you have to pay are usually small, so you can return them in the time you have determined almost without realizing it. On the other hand, the procedures for requesting and granting these loans are facilitated to the point that in just a few minutes and several clicks you know whether or not they grant you the requested credit, without having to go through paperwork.

How can you get personal credits?

As we have mentioned, getting a personal credit is very easy, fast and convenient. You only have to be between the ages of 18 and 65, reside in Spain, not be delinquent, have a mobile phone and have a bank account.and debit / credit card.

With these requirements, you only have to request your personal credit indicating the project, the amount and the time of return. The viability of the loan is studied and the response is immediately received. If the request is accepted, the money is quickly deposited into your bank account. Then you just have to pay back the loan monthly.

Advantages of personal credits

Immediateness, comfort, simplicity and opportunity are just some of the advantages offered by these credits. Thus, thanks to their flexibility and the ease of receiving and returning them, thousands of customers decide to rely on these financial institutions every day to get a quick cash with which to face problems that traditional banks do not bother to attend to. .

Personal loans have become one of the favorite options available to Spanish self-employed and savers when it comes to financing their projects and expenses.

Next, we will tell you the main characteristics of these financial products. But, to understand the dimensions they have acquired in domestic economies, we have to start by presenting some background.

First of all, we have to go back to the economic crisis our country has gone through since 2008. This crisis marked a before and after in the relationship between banks and their customers. The bank was refloated and intervened by the State, which imposed adjustment measures. Among these measures of adjustment, was to be more rigorous with the credits granted, since it had been proven that a significant number of them was not returned.

As these situations were an obvious problem for the banks, their risk departments began to request more demands from those who requested the loans, in addition to making them more severe. In practice, this translated into a drastic reduction in access to credit.

But, as you can imagine, the money needs with some urgency were not going to remit, so small entrepreneurs and savers began to look for alternatives to their banks of a lifetime. In this context, announcements from alternative credit entities began to become more popular. Their financial products had existed for years, but the difficulties in obtaining credits implied that they would gain market share.

There was then a rapprochement between supply and demand. But, above all, we are interested in discussing the advantages associated with this model of access to credit. Take note of the ones that, in the following lines, we are going to tell you.

What are the personal loans of the alternative bank?

These financial products already had, before the financial crisis, many followers. People who were interested in the special conditions offered to them. The new context was going to make others approach them out of necessity and, finally, be convinced of their benefits.

And, above all, new customers of these products sought to avoid the harsh requirements that banks were setting to grant loans. Requirements such as crediting a payroll, having an endorsement or not appear in the census of defaulters of entities such as ASNEF and RAI.

However, it was not the only relative advantage to choose to seek access to credit other than traditional banking. It also mattered much that this money was needed as quickly as possible. At times, many clients required to get the money with great urgency; so, even if they were able to meet the guarantees demanded by the banks, it did not compensate them to wait to collect them. They needed the money already and a short time later it did not serve them for their initial purpose. These customer profiles, in fact, were the ones that predominated before they began to feel the rigors of the economic crisis.

In this sense, we remind you that the personal credits of those we are informing you are not exempt from conditions, but these are easier to comply with and some of them (age, contact, etc.) are merely legal or informative. For example, you may not be on a company’s payroll, but that does not mean you can not prove your ability to repay a loan. So just the demonstration that you have regular income (such as those who get those who work in sectors related to the works and services or work as a freelance) to enjoy your personal credit.

On the other hand, it is the facilities associated with working via the Internet that allow money to reach your personal account as quickly as possible. And is that being able to carry out online transactions will save you precious time that was previously lost in the procedures to be performed in the bank’s branches, in addition to the money that you had to invest in the photocopies of the documents.

Undoubtedly, this system will be much more comfortable, since you will not have to stick to the banking schedules and you will be able to perform the management you need from your home and at the time that suits you. In this way, you will get the money you needed for those payments that can not wait. Payments such as a fine with surcharge, a product on offer that will soon rise in price or the arrangements that you have to carry out in your particular business and without which you can not open and start earning money.

In short, personal loans are adjusted, as a ring to the finger, to the financing needs of entrepreneurs and savers today.

They are the best alternative if you want to have financing to go on a trip. Fulfill your dream of going to New York, traveling to the beach, having extra money to go to the town or that rural getaway that you have always wanted so much. Is it feasible to request financing for a trip? Yes. With simple monthly fees to return it, with low interest rates and to do what you want without providing any information. Simple, right?

Financing a trip with a credit

These loans are ideal for collecting the money necessary to travel, especially for leisure. Financing our trips is possible with the most convenient rates and the best interest rate in less than 24 hours.

Costing airline tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations or leaving restaurants, in addition to other leisure activities, such as going to an amusement park, or enjoy any service that we want to hire is feasible through these credits.

You can request this financing easily. You can achieve the required amounts for what you want. On the other hand, if you need an example to know the amounts and payment terms you can make a simulation on the website.

Access to financing is possible by resorting to a third party, always conditioned by the needs you have and the urgency to collect the money. The application for all types of credits is simple to carry out the trips you need. In addition, the returns of the amounts are free and can be adapted to your needs. As you can see, now requesting a financial aid for your trips will hardly cost you effort and without leaving home.

Extra financing for travel: why ask for fast credits

At different times of our lives we can request money: for studies, to move to another city or to buy us a vehicle. However, in the case of travel many people still think that it is not possible to apply for funding.

Taking a trip is one of the greatest pleasures that exist, but it is not always available to everyone. Therefore, opting for financing through loans is a good choice if we do not have capital.

The advantages of requesting financing for trips with this type of credit

You can request a small or large amount of capital. Of course, remember that the returns should not be a detriment in your day to day. Paying a loan in installments is the best decision, but as we said, always bearing in mind future expenses.

Enjoy a trip and then return the amounts is a very comfortable option. You get money and then the payment, by doing it little by little, does not mean a loss to us.

When we make a great trip it is advisable to always make the most of the free time we have available for all kinds of activities in that chosen place. That is why, thanks to the funding obtained,   We can visit the places or visit the most emblematic sites without thinking about potential economic problems.

In short, the financing of travel is an option to consider. The easiest. These personal credits   they allow us to have the money required to materialize what we have always dreamed of carrying out. Not in vain, this option is followed every year by thousands of people. On our site we use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience on our website. If you have more questions about it, visit the section on the cookies policy. We encourage you to consult us if you want more information.