In the daily routine, unforeseen expenses arise that force you to make real adjustments in the family budget.

This is the case, for example, with the cost of going back to school, Christmas shopping, the unpleasant surprise of a traffic ticket, a major breakdown at home that forces you to repair several appliances … Situations in which, despite have a monthly economic stability thanks to the performance of a job, unforeseen surprises that exceed the budget. What can you do in these cases of urgency?

The microcredits constitute a financial innovation quite recent in its current conception, although certainly throughout history there have been similar financial instruments. What is clear is that these are novel financial tools in the current economic context and modify the financing dynamics that exist in the capitalism we know. They have changed the way of understanding the economy, especially for those who have more difficulty in obtaining credits.

microcredits online

The development of personal microcredits has even been recognized by the Stockholm Nobel Prize, known as the most prestigious achievement in the fields of knowledge. The Grameen Bank , is a financial and community development institution founded in Bangladesh. He is known, above all, for granting small loans to people with difficulties accessing financing without requesting a guarantee. Dedicated to those who are in poverty or at risk of having it, the “grameen credits” are received especially by women (in 96%), which demonstrates the commitment of the entity to reach those who need it most.

Microcredits: tailor-made solutions for individuals

Through our online microcredits you can get fast and confidential financing to solve this type of situations that generate so much anguish when they are not resolved on time.

Bonsai Finance offers financing options to individuals. This helps you to cope with the monthly fixed expenses without the unforeseen events adding financial stress. And as a client, the company guarantees your maximum happiness since its objective is that you have a healthy economy, being free of debts as soon as possible.

Bonsai Finance offers responsible microloans that do not exceed the amount of 800 euros.

In a context of economic crisis, banks have tightened their regulations in the granting of loans. However, as you know, for many families the difficulties to reach the end of the month are more than remarkable given the high level of basic expenses and salaries of precarious employment. For this reason, in those situations in which you live a difficult pothole, the request for a microcredit can bring you the peace of mind necessary to solve those pending issues with the resources reached.

What are the requirements that you must meet as a loan applicant in this entity? You must be of legal age. Most lenders can also ask for a bank account number where the borrowed amount will be paid, a bank account or a card to collect the refund and a mobile phone number to receive calls and text messages. Other requirements may be not having any type of debt with any financial institution. In case of not fulfilling these conditions it is possible that a loan request is rejected by the lender entity. In general you do not need to present a guarantee to make your request.

If you request an online microcredit, you have the guarantee that your security and your personal data are protected confidentially.

If your application is accepted, you will receive the money quickly, all through a very simple process.

Through these customized solutions you will feel the tranquility of being able to solve unpleasant unforeseen situations in a totally personalized way through this system of microcredits with which you will improve the management of your personal finances.

From now on, you will feel that these unexpected (or not so unexpected) expenses are easier to solve.

Fast microcredits

Microcredit is a relatively recent innovation in the history of finance around the world. The dynamics of flexible financing have changed the way in which the economy is posed, at least for those who before had it more complicated to access fast credit.

Finding out about online microcredits can be very useful for solving certain financing problems. For example, it is worth calculating online, quickly and with your own hands the conditions that ask you for the credit. Such things imply decisive improvements for many people, since before obtaining the information was already an obstacle in itself. The data was only in the hands of the banks, which also allowed (and allow) to demand exhaustive information about the personal life of those who are requesting a financial service. Before, you had to move to the bank and accept agreements in which the favorable conditions always smiled at the financial institution.

Having online the information of a possible credit cuts the necessary steps and time, giving you the opportunity to do the process yourself. Because the decisions must be made counting with all the relevant information beforehand!

Information in economics equals freedom

With the quick microcredits the rules of the financial game are changing little by little. In addition, the attention it deserves has not been given to the possibility of calculating online, quickly and by oneself the credit conditions. This is a key improvement for the users, because before, to obtain information about possible credits or loans, they had to go to the bank or financial institution, hold a meeting in which they had to give more information than the bank itself and all according to the most favorable conditions for the bank, which was the boss at all times.

The option of online access to information about our possible credit shortens the time and the necessary steps and above all gives us the opportunity to do things by ourselves, quickly obtaining the information we need before making decisions. This is much more like freedom!

Microcredits with asnef

The microcredits with asnef allow us to move forward so that you and the other individuals who do not have other means of financing can expand your options and with it the real freedom.

The trends are clear, it is deepening in the logic that microcredit practices bring. Send the satisfaction of customers like you. Information technologies, new services and the development of financial goods and products make them gain in flexibility. The success of quick credits is another proof.

Until now, to access loans and credits were too many efforts. The process could be slow, inflexible and even unfair, because many could not have the necessary money. And for that reason they had to renounce very important projects for them. But now a new era is opening in which the quick microloans give you the necessary viability.

Requesting a microcredit with asnef is quite simple. Looking to give you the best customer service and simple products we are opening a path through a world in permanent change. In particular, Bonsai Finance was founded approximately two years ago because the founding team observed that other companies in the sector were offering products that were too complex for individuals, difficult application procedures and poor customer service.

The trends for the future undoubtedly point to a deepening in the logic of microcredit at the moment, by getting closer and closer to the ways of life of our customers. New technologies, services and consumer goods and now, also, financial products gain flexibility in the new times. The success of quick credit is the best proof of that.

The traditional ways to obtain credits and loans can be slow, inflexible and, sometimes, even unfair. This has forced many people to leave behind concrete projects and solutions to financial problems because the adequate financing has not come at the right time. A new financial era opens with quick microcredits.