You have the possibility to request mini-loans with ASNEF quickly, without the need to wait long lines, or present an arsenal of endless paperwork. You can be granted a mini credit with ASNEF as quickly as any other type of quick credit. If you have any doubts about the operation of this type of credits, about the payment method or the process of returning your credit and you can not find a solution that you like, we put our frequent questions section at your disposal.

The mini-credits with ASNEF are financial products that have become fashionable over the last few years and stand out for having facilitated access to quick money to a large part of the savers and self-employed of our country. Precisely, those people who had seen how they were complicated, when they needed it most, access to credit.

Next, we will explain the origin and characteristics of these financial products and will delve into the advantages they can offer you. Keep reading, because what we have to tell you interests you.

Why have these specific products become so popular?

The answer to this question refers to the economic crisis that our country has experienced since 2008. This crisis has had a very strong impact on the Spanish financial system. This was intervened by the political power and control over it was increased. In this context of austerity and rigor, the credits that had been granted without guarantees of return were questioned.

In this regard, the risk departments of banks, at the request of public agencies, decided to apply more stringent requirements when granting loans. In practice, this has entailed a hardening of the guarantees requested.

Among these guarantees, we must highlight those related to the requirements of guarantees and payrolls. But there is also another important, which is what determines the nature of the financial product that we are presenting in this post. It is about the checks carried out in ASNEF.

In the following lines, we review with you what the ASNEF reviews consist of.

What are the mini-credits with ASNEF?

To understand what these financial products imply, we must analyze what ASNEF is and what it influences when granting or denying a loan.

ASNEF is an organization formed by entities that are dedicated to the field of credit. In a broad sense. Keep in mind that not only are banks part of it, but it is also integrated, among other associations, by insurance companies. This group carries out a register of defaulters, which is configured through the information shared by the organizations that have been associated with this coordinator. We refer, in this case, basically, to data about debts and other operations that allow identifying potential delinquents.

Within the framework of the pressures that banks’ risk departments received when managing access to credit, one of the protocols they established was that of verifying the presence of the client in question in these registers. In the ASNEF, but also similar ones, for example, RAI.

However, although the presence in these registers was used by the banks as a clear precautionary test and was interpreted as a requirement for the non-fulfilled concession, to appear in the censuses of the ASNEF does not mean, in reality, that the one registered in They were a morose.

You have to assess that a person could appear in the ASNEF census for a debt of an irrelevant sum (due, for example, to an oversight) or even for a failure. In this sense, they are habitual, without going any further, those of the telephone companies that charge the client, by mistake, a service that he had not hired. As a preventive measure in the face of financial complications that may arise, it is worthwhile to cancel the debts that may appear in ASNEF.

But, in addition to eliminating these debts, you have the possibility to opt for the products that we are presenting you in this text. Choosing them means that those of us who have to grant you credit will not look if you appear on the ASNEF lists. Therefore, in this aspect, you can rest easy.

And is that, in most cases, you may need a quick mini credit without the possibility of waiting for them to check if you appear on a list of defaulters or meet all the hard requirements that they will impose. The financing needs do not wait, since some of them are not applicable. Therefore, you require a product such as the one we have mentioned that, without neglecting the guarantees of credit return, lighten the procedures you must perform and the requirements that you have to comply with.

These financial products, on the other hand, can be offered in these advantageous conditions because they are managed through the Internet. In this way, we all save time and money in carrying out procedures. Operating online allows us to forget the heavy paperwork and long waits. Your money is just one click away and you can manage your credit from the comfort of your home at any time.

In short, it points out the benefits you can take advantage of through mini-credits with ASNEF and quickly access the money you need.

Mini-credits with ASNEF: the keys

Mini-credits with ASNEF are granted to those who request them, even if they are currently included in some of the lists of defaulters or non-payments of ASNEF or RAI or have been included.

Any company that registers a person for non-payment in ASNEF (National Association of Financial Establishments of Consumer Credit) must send a last communication notice and give account to the individual in the list of defaulters by registered mail and within thirty days. The only way out of the list of defaulters is to pay the entire debt contracted. Once the debt has been paid, the entity that manages the ASNEF contacts the company owed to confirm that, in effect, the debt has been paid. You can check if you are in the ASNEF lists by email, postal, telephone or fax, at the addresses of the ASNEF entity.

Thus, the usual financial entities do not grant mini-credits with ASNEF. Situation that, on many occasions, can be considered unfair. You can be on an ASNEF list for very different reasons, which translate, in practice, into problems and economic blockages that can generate personal discomforts and insecurities. You can be on an ASNEF list for having paid, for example, a late receipt of the light, not having paid an invoice from a telephone company for a service that was not requested or, simply, because who owed processing the payment of a charge did not.

How are these mini-credits managed?

The financial companies that grant mini-loans with ASNEF provide loans that usually do not exceed 1,000 euros per transaction and are offered with thirty-day maturity dates. These are small loans to pay small unexpected expenses, pay payments that can not wait or complete financing for purchases of products or services as a matter of urgency.

The companies that grant these mini-credits with ASNEF answer by any of the communication channels they enable, within 24 hours, and the concessions of the funds, after a personal study of each case, are granted very quickly. Therefore, they are also considered express credits. The usual charges for these minicréditos with ASNEF are usually around 1%, daily, of the total money granted with the loan.

For the granting of the mini-credits, all the data of the credit and debit cards that the applicant has active are requested. In the event that you can not pay the loan granted in the agreed time, some of these companies offer you only the payment of the fees and a proposal to extend an extension for the mini-credit.