Payday loans without BBVA are a great way to get a loan when you do not have a payroll to justify your income. The lack of linkage raises interest rates, but allows people who do not have a payroll to access this type of financing.

Request up to € 75,000 for various purposes: renovate housing, buy furniture, vehicles or appliances, finance studies, travel or health treatments, etc.

You are interested if

You need capital to make a considerable investment without having a payroll that shows your solvency, since BBVA offers amounts of up to € 75,000.


Key points

Short description The loans without BBVA payroll allow you to request credits between 3000 and 75 000 euros. They are not finalist loans, and a return period of between 2 and 8 years is allowed. Regarding other types of loans, its processing is fast. In addition, they are backed by the brand of the entity, which provides confidence to its users.
Limits and deadlines These financial products allow you to request sums of between 3,000 and 75,000 euros. The repayment terms range between 24 months and 8 years. However, early repayment is allowed.
Acceptance times The acceptance and income of the loans without BBVA payroll take place between 3 and 4 days after the request. What makes this financial product one of the fastest in its category.
TAE The TIN of BBVA personal loans is 6.95% when a payroll is linked, while it rises to 7.95% when not doing so (APR from 8.94% to 10.76%). To this we must add the opening commission, which is 2.3% of the amount requested.
How to hire it BBVA’s commitment to technology makes hiring these loans fast and simple, since the entire process can be done through the Internet. This means that you only need a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. Without paperwork or displacements.
Main requirements The applicant must have an account in the entity, or open it before hiring the product. The application takes place over the Internet. If a payroll is linked to reduce the cost of the loan, it must be domiciled for the entire duration of the loan. Like other financial products, it does not accept ASNEF or similar.

Loans without BBVA payroll: information about the product

Main features

The loans without BBVA payroll allow you to obtain financing between 3000 and 75 000 euros for a TIN of 7.95%. You can reimburse it in a period of up to 8 years, allowing early redemption in exchange for the payment of the corresponding commission.

They are non-final loans, characterized by the speed and ease of processing and by allowing an improvement of the conditions prior to direct debit of the payroll. So you can process them 100% online , and have the money in your account only 3 or 4 days later.

In addition, the stability of the company derives in a high degree of confidence from its users.

The commissions related to the product are:

– Opening: 2.30%.

– Early amortization: 0.50% for cancellations of twelve months or less or 1% when the pending term is higher than the year.

– Study: completely free, when done through the Internet.

To contract this product, simply fill out the application form. BBVA offers a calculating tool to analyze the best configuration of your loan.

Upon receiving the form, BBVA verifies all the information, requesting the one you need in your case. In 24 hours after signing, you can enjoy your loan, although it is estimated that it takes a couple of weeks to gather the documentation and coordinate with the manager.

Main conclusions

Payday loans without BBVA are an excellent option when you need a considerable amount of capital. They are a relatively flexible and very fast product. In addition, their interests are reasonable compared to other products of their style in the market.

For example, requesting a credit of 20,000 euros to be returned in 5 years, the monthly fee by directing your salary will be € 395.55 per month, while the fee without linking the payroll will be € 405.05 per month. That is, the TIN will rise from 6.95% to 7.95% and the APR from 8.22% to 9.31%.

Therefore, loans without BBVA payroll allow you to obtain a credit without having a payroll for a more than acceptable price.

The company: BBVA

BBVA is a financial group focused on the client that has an international presence. It operates in more than 30 countries and has more than 75 million customers.

This entity, whose total assets exceed 690 million euros, was founded in 1857, establishing its pillars on customer service and fast-growing markets such as technology.

This philosophy has allowed the entity to develop for more than 160 years, consolidating itself as one of the most powerful groups in the sector. Thanks to this, BBVA is a reference entity in both Spain and South America.

Opinion regarding this product

We believe that this financial product is highly recommended when you need a considerable credit. Of course, you must use these financing methods responsibly. The delay in the payment of fees reverts to important late payment interest and other coercive measures.

However, if you need a loan, loans without BBVA payroll are an advantageous option. In addition to not being expensive, they allow a fast obtaining and the attention of one of the most important financial entities in Spain and South America.

To the ease of contracting the product, we add its flexibility, by allowing capital volumes of between 3,000 and 75,000 euros and repayment terms of up to 8 years. Most users point to these as the main advantages of the product and recommend their contracting in the face of capital needs.

Note that BBVA does not increase the opening fee for not linking a payroll. In addition, your APR is more than reasonable, because other companies can lead to ask for 14%.

In conclusion, from Bonsai Finance we recommend the loans without BBVA payroll when you need a considerable capital, with some discretion in the terms of return and a fast processing.