Quick money for individuals

Have you received any unforeseen fines? Do you have to fix the car to go on a trip? Has your washing machine broken and you need to buy another one? There are many (almost infinite) possibilities and probabilities that you will have an unexpected economic situation and you need to get money fast.

When this happens you can go to a relative, even a friend, but it does not always work, right? That is why more and more, the chosen option is fast loans and online credits.

Today, banks have tightened their policy and conditions to grant loans and personal loans. At Bonsai Finance, we are very aware of the reality that surrounds our clients and that this type of unexpected happens more than one would like. That’s why we help you get fast and easy money (only for individuals) in a completely confidential and uncomplicated way.

The smartest decision

At Bonsai Finance we help you apply for quick loans that are only intended to cover urgent short-term financial obligations for our clients.

This quick money, or commonly called fast loans is the best solution to a short-term cash need. We offer impeccable management in terms of security, so you do not have to worry about anything and that your online loan is as fast and comfortable as possible.

We focus on developing a highly advanced technical solution that makes working with us as effortless as possible. We are specialists in microcredit and that is why we offer you quick and easy money.

Getting money fast is very easy

At Bonsai Finance we want to promote responsible loans among our clients. That’s why we offer you simple and flexible conditions according to your needs.

We differentiate ourselves from other financial and modern online credit entities by:

  • Offer a longer period of time : between 1 and 6 weeks (at the end of this term, you have the possibility of renewing the terms if you pay the interest of the first term)
  • Offer a larger amount of money : up to € 800
  • Offer loans much faster : you should not send us any type of documents or paper copies.

get money fast

With Bonsai Finance you can rest assured that you will know at all times what you will be charged. We pride ourselves on the transparency of the fees of our online credits and the simplicity of them.

If you find yourself in a situation of short-term cash needs or immediately, look no further! Choose the amount and time of return that best suits your needs and enjoy unique conditions with Bonsai Finance.

The latest in financing

If there is an advantage of quick credits, it is undoubtedly their ease and immediacy. In no time you can have money on hand for whatever you want. Quick money, without long formalities or exhaustive paperwork. Money that will make your life easier and that is there for you to use and enjoy when you need it.

Quick money is an undeniable help for any family that is a bit rushed with their finances. What are the advantages of having money quickly? What recommendations can we give you about access to fast credits? Let’s see some guidelines that will surely go very well in this regard.

The advantages of using quick money

fast money online Due to the characteristics of the disbursement, or because of the immediacy of the need, it is often not convenient for us or we are not interested in resorting to a conventional personal bank loan. There’s the main advantage of quick credits: cash and fair money just when it’s best for you. Cash for immediate needs.

Any other advantage? Of course. It’s not just quick money, it’s easy money. Without giving superfluous explanations or get up to the neck in paperwork and paperwork. With a few simple steps and without complications you get the amount you need for what really matters to you. You only need to meet some minimum requirements to apply for your quick credit with Bonsai Finance.

Tips for using your money

We are responsible and we want you to be too. The ease of getting cash with quick credits should not become a hobby. It is money that should be used for urgent and authentic needs. So we recommend that you act with financial responsibility. Does your child need to go to the dentist urgently? For that we are. Do you want to go buy shoes? Then we recommend that you think about it again.

We also recommend that you do not enter into a spiral of quick credits, as you would accumulate more and more fees that could negatively affect your financial health. Act responsibly!

How to access fast online credits

Trust in our times is a value, especially when we have urgent financial needs. That’s where we appreciate the trust of entities that provide us with fast online credits.

This financial modality is especially practical at very specific times; above all, when we have to face an unforeseen payment urgently and we can not wait to collect the payroll.

There are many situations to which fast online credits fit like a glove. For example, imagine that you want to make your purchases of sales or Christmas but that you will not have the necessary money for two, three or four weeks.

Fast online credits, a financial formula that triumphs in Europe

At the beginning of the eighties the first companies dedicated to offering fast credit at a distance were born in France. At that time the efforts were made by mail or telephone, but the mechanics were similar. Later, these types of companies and online credit options multiplied to meet increasingly specific needs. This is how, for example, fast online loans came back to pay in up to six weeks.

Such a formula has many advantages. For starters, you avoid long-term debt. It is as if a person of trust lent you money for a brief period. Our company also offers you four fundamental values ​​when granting fast online credits:

Minimum documentation: just show that you have a regular source of income and a mobile phone to send and receive SMS messages. The pre-authorization is immediate, so that in the same call you will know if you have been granted credit.

Immediate money: once the online credit is approved, you receive your money on the same day, in a quarter of an hour or less.

You know how much you pay: by returning the loan in full, the information is 100 percent transparent. From the beginning you know what is the amount you will pay at the end of the loan.

Greater control over fast online credit: we offer you up to six weeks to return the money. This way you will not have to worry about renovations and it will be more economical. Of course, fast online credits demand a responsible attitude. That’s why you must make sure beforehand that you will return it.

Practical, simple and comfortable

Fast online credits eliminate an important concern at the root: you no longer have to think about whether or not you will have money to pay for an urgent payment. The company trusts you and you can dedicate yourself to thinking about really important things.