Surely you already know the fast loans and, if not, here we will inform you of its most relevant characteristics.

fast loans

And it is that they have become very popular in Spain and you will see them advertised on the Internet and the prime time hours of the televisions. Especially since, in 2008, the country entered the serious economic crisis that is causing us so much to recover. This context gives us the opportunity to begin to explain how they work.

They are a very successful solution for those people who need to have liquidity urgently.

There are many opportunities and contingencies that create the need to have cash and be able to meet that need can be vitally important for our lives. Thus, this type of credit is the best option for emergency times.

The quick loan you were looking for

There are different options available that adapt perfectly to the needs and characteristics of each person.

Asking for a quick loan is the best option to pay for all those expenses that may arise unexpectedly, such as bills or debts, or to pay for some products or services for which you do not have liquidity, such as summer vacations or books of the school of the youngest.

But you have to be responsible when requesting them, since the simplicity of the process should not translate into asking for quick loans in a frequent or irresponsible manner.

If you need money and you need it now, without paperwork or paperwork, the quick loan is a customized solution, which deals with your financial difficulties quickly and safely. And is that fast loans are increasingly requested aid for their ease at the time of processing. When an unforeseen event arises, it is essential to have help.

A quick loan can help you in the face of those unforeseen events that sometimes occur. They are personal credits that offer extra money in unexpected situations. The requirements are very simple so that anyone can access them. In a matter of minutes, you can count on your money for what you get out of more than one hurry.

The quick loan does not need an endorsement

Effectively, not needing an endorsement or payroll is a plus in a matter of money.

On our website we put at your disposal a simulator in which you can choose the amount you need and fill in some simple personal and financial information, it will be enough to dispose of your money.

With the fast loans, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • They are easy to manage
  • You only need a computer, a network connection, a bank card and a mobile phone
  • They do not imply any bureaucracy
  • You can request them from anywhere, dispose of your money in a matter of minutes and return a payment with a card or transfer.

You can leave a hurry from the couch in your house!

Difference between credit and fast loan

In the credit, the bank deposits the money you need in a credit account. However, the loan is only granted to individuals, so the financial institution needs a guarantee or a real guarantee such as a mortgage. The loan is usually a medium or long term operation and with a repayment in regular installments. In the loan, the bank makes a fixed amount available to the client and the client must return it with commissions and interest. In addition, the money is entered into your account and you must pay interest from the first day.

The fast loans deserve separate mention because they are very easy to manage and once the application has been approved by the entity, you can have the money in just 24 hours or in some cases, a matter of minutes.

The quick loan is designed so that in the shortest period of time, you can enjoy a quantity of money fully adapted to your needs. You can return the fees, depending on your interests and some entities allow you to postpone the fee up to 2 times a year.

Main advantages

This kind of loans has a series of advantages, above other money transactions. In the first place, since it is not a banking entity that will grant the money, you will not need to wait too long to obtain it. This is because the lender will not ask too much information nor will it take weeks to study your case, to know if you are solvent.

The amounts of money are not too high, so you will not have an unaffordable debt to repay. And the shortness of the refund will allow you to end the debt, without major complications.

We also highlight the fact that you will not need to explain what you need the money for. Our collaborating lenders will not ask you for a reason that justifies the loan, so they will allow you to keep in your privacy why you need such money.

Perhaps the most important advantages are the speed and ease of our entire process. You can request fast loans online through our website and you are the one who chooses the exact amount you want and the term in which you wish to return it.

This type of loans is also used for unexpected breakdowns, necessary purchases of expensive items (such as computers or furniture) or having extra support for money during holiday periods or increases in expenses.

At Bonsai Finance, we promise to offer you the best quick loans in the market, always with confidence and transparency and without misunderstandings when it comes to returning the money.

Haste is the best feature of fast loans

That’s right, when you have an unforeseen event, such as a breakdown in your vehicle or in a household appliance, the need to get money is much more urgent than in other cases. Normally, people need certain electronic and mechanical devices to properly develop our day to day, and when these fail we need to fix or replace them as soon as possible.

There may also be unique opportunities such as, for example, an offer of a trip that you have always wanted to make and that you do not have the necessary liquidity to reserve it. Or that you find the course in which you have always wanted to enroll with limited places and do not have the amount to pay the registration. In all these cases you need an entity that responds quickly and manages the request for money as soon as possible.

For this, the best option is always an online loan, since in less than 24 hours you will have the money in your account. In fact, in most cases, in just 15 minutes you already get an affirmative response from the lender and the money available in your bank account.

Types of loans

Another advantage of the loans that we put at your disposal is that there are different types that can be requested, and you can always find one that suits your needs. So, you can choose between a microcredit, a personal loan, an urgent credit, a loan with ASNEF, a fast credit without papers or without a payroll, immediate response credits, online credits on the spot and, finally, online microcredits without roster. Any of them will be processed and managed by us.

Therefore, if you see yourself in a situation of need for liquidity, you will find quick loans and credits to suit you, so that the situation in which you find yourself is solved easily, quickly and efficiently.

How can you request them?

To apply for quick loans you will have to meet a series of requirements: be of legal age, not be in bankruptcy, have not committed non-payment in Bonsai Finance or other financial institutions and have no other loan request in progress.

It will also be necessary that you have a bank account in which to deposit the money and a credit card so that we can make the payments. Finally, it is essential that you have a mobile line so that we can establish contact with you.

After fulfilling these conditions, you will only have to go to our website and complete the application. You will have to indicate the amount of money you want and the time you want to return it. The second step will be to fill in the form that you have at your disposal with your personal data. As you can see, these data are brief and you will not need much time to fill it out.

You will have to include an estimate of monthly expenses and provide your financial information. These are the only requirements necessary for us to get you the credit you need. After this, you will only have to send the request and wait to receive the notice with the acceptance of the credit. This notice will reach you via email and via SMS.

When is it convenient to ask for it?

Sometimes, you may have to make some urgent payments, which you should not put off for long. For example, some reforms so that your business adapts to the new regulations required or the amount of a fine whose non-payment on time entails the payment of interest for late payment. In both cases, you need the money and you need it already. We do not talk about large amounts of long-term credit lines, so these are your best short-term solution.

However, we remind you that you should not abuse the use of this financial product (for example, to pay for current expenses such as children’s school or electricity bill), since you could incur a tendency to over-indebtedness.

Is it safe to ask?

Yes, one hundred percent. Our partner lender companies have the highest security conditions and, in addition, are governed by a data protection policy by virtue of the services they offer.

What are the conditions to request them?

There are only three reasons why a lender company could deny your request:

  • Find yourself in a bankruptcy situation.
  • Have another application (s) open.
  • Failure to comply with payments on a previous loan at Bonsai Finance or any other financial institution.

Tips when requesting quick loans

There are a number of tips to keep in mind before applying for this type of loan:

These types of loans must be understood as useful tools at specific moments in life when certain amounts of money are necessary, never as a financing style. If this practice is abused, it can end up in a cycle of debt from which it can be difficult to leave.

A detailed self-study of the economic situation in which one finds oneself must be carried out, so it studies in advance all the available alternatives, the real possibilities of repayment and the term established to pay, among many other considerations.

Also analyze each of the financial entities that offer these services, to assess which is best suited to the needs of the person in question, weigh the characteristics of the different companies and decide who is more convenient to apply for the loan.

Read carefully each and every one of the conditions to which the granting of the requested loan is submitted. It is really important to make sure that you agree with what is signed and that the requirements that are requested will be met.

Fast loans are a solution for the economic situations of many people, a very good alternative to traditional loans.

Fast loans: customized financial solutions

Undoubtedly, as we have explained previously, fast loans are an ideal solution when facing difficulties and economic unforeseen, since they are a convenient and effective way to get a quantity of cash instantly.

Our microfinance specialists advocate total transparency in the granting of these fast loans online, with a minimum of bureaucratic procedures. Unlike the classic financial entities, the requirements that you will have to fulfill as an applicant are reduced to being in possession of a mobile phone and having a regular source of income.

This financial service proceeds according to the needs of each client through personalized attention, with the purpose of offering a solution for each specific case. Therefore, if you have an unforeseen economic, or urgently need a sum of money, you have an instant solution before you that will cover your financial needs.

All this from the comfort of your home, without delays or paperwork; you just have to choose the amount (between € 300 and € 800) and set the period of time you want to pay it. You will have the possibility to complete and send your request immediately and, once it is accepted, you will have the money in your bank account in a matter of minutes.

So, you will benefit from a transparent service with a flexible and clear return period, being able to pay the loan in a period of time that varies between 1 and 6 weeks from the day it was granted. The philosophy is based on promoting the development of responsible fast loans, favoring the access of a large number of people to this financial product, which translates into a valuable tool to fight against the long-term indebtedness of thousands of families.

In Bonsai Finance we emphasize the commitment and personal responsibility that comes with receiving a quick loan that has to be repaid in a fixed time interval, establishing a relationship with customers based on mutual trust. The product we offer can not be conceived as a long-term remedy or as an alternative to settle other outstanding loans.

One of the main premises is to manage well the resources and economic aspects of the clients so that in all the fast loans a fixed, known and previously accepted amount is established, thus avoiding the client having to face a debt without control.

To summarize, we highlight the main advantages of these loans:

  • A more transparent and faster alternative that adjusts to the needs of individuals.
  • Ideal both for fixed expenses and for unforeseen economic setbacks.
  • A short-term solution, with the objective of having a long-term benefit for the client.

The online loan as the best option

The fast loans are the best option to get money if what you are looking for is the agility in the procedures. When you need money you can find out about different types of credits; however, the processes to ask for them and to be accepted are usually long and tedious.

If you go to a bank, it will ask for an endorsement, minimum income conditions and a lot of paperwork such as payroll, bills, receipts … All this makes the process slow down. Not to mention, of course, the management expenses that will be added to the amount you require.

On the other hand, it is possible that the amount you need is reduced and that in other types of loans you demand a minimum amount. This is usually one of the main problems, since it is not always possible to request the exact amounts that are needed. Maybe you only need 300 euros and in a bank they demand a minimum of 500 or 1000 euros.

All this will increase the final price to pay, since the added interest will increase due to the magnitude of the amount. In short, as a general rule, clauses are usually added to open and close the loan, for which you will have to pay an addition in case you want to cancel the loan you requested. Therefore, the whole process becomes more complicated and slow.