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Irrigation at work
Irrigation at work

Service Area

The Redlands Water & Power Company boundary runs between the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers to 19 Road. Property west of the Colorado River up to the Colorado National Monument is also included.

Redlands Water and Power services about 6,000 shares of water stock over 4,500 acres of land in the Redlands area.

NOTE: Residents in the Ridges subdivision are serviced by the City of Grand Junction public works department. For more information, call 970-254-1554.


Created in 1905, Redlands Water and Power Company is a non-profit corporation serving approximately 1,000 shareholders. Water servicing RWPC is diverted from the Gunnison River and the Redlands Diversion Dam.

Despite its name, RWPC is not a power provider. Power is generated year round at the Redlands Power Plant with the excess power being sold to Xcel Energy.

Transfer of water rights

Water rights in the RWPC service area are transferable, and are not tied to the land. However, restrictions exist for moving shares between lifts on the system. Currently all shares are accounted for in the system, but public auctions are held once a year for non-payment on the assessment of shares.

If shares are released for non-payment, public auction will take place the first Thursday in December. Contact RWPC at 243-2173 for more information.


RWPC is responsible for delivering water in canals and headgates. All parts of delivery systems (ditches, laterals, pipelines) beyond the headgates are the responsibility of landowners. The seven-member board of directors meets the second Wednesday of each month, 7 p.m. at the RWPC office.

Water Assessments

Irrigation water is typically available through the RWPC from April 15, through October 15 of each year. Assessments for shares in the RWPC system are distributed in February of each year. The amount of the assessment is determined at the board meeting held the second Monday in February. For 2007, the current assessment rate is $110 per share.


Redlands Water & Power Company


2216 South Broadway Grand Junction, CO 81503


fax: 970-256-1320