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NEW - POC tab - please fill out and submit.  Please check for updates...
PID & MCID [Mesa County Irrigation District] are turning the irrigation water off Monday, October 30, 2017, in the morning.  It will take 1-2 weeks for the Price Ditch to completely drain.
PID info is listed on the our website:
MCID info is listed on:
If you have any other questions, please call or email PID.
If you have any questions please call 970-464-4700.
Remember that all water users are RESPONSIBLE for the water from their box and until it returns to the nearest natural drain or waste ditch.

PID is creating a new POC - point of contact - database, so we may inform users when laterals are shut down for repairs, etc.  PID welcomes all users to email the OFFICE with their information: name, address, phone numbers, email, and if possible your irrigation box #.  There is a new POC tab on the website to fill our & submit also.  We appreciate your help.
Please check for updates...
  Office hours 9:00-3:00 [mt]

  Monday - Friday 

970-464-4700 - if after hours, please leave a message.

IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 911 OR the MC Sheriff's Office Dispatch 970-242-6707


OMID - 970-464-7885

MCID - 970-260-3920

GVIC - 970-242-2762

GVWUA - 970-242-5065 - Gov't Highline Canal

Grand Valley Drainage District - 970-242-4343

Highland Park Lateral - 970-216-1763

PIP&L [palisade] - 970-234-2116

Redlands - 970-243-2173











Irrigation at work
Irrigation at work

Service Area

Palisade Irrigation District boundaries run East to West between the Price Ditch and Grand Valley Canal [GVIC] to 28 ¾ and F Roads. It is important for residents in the PID service area to know that the Price Ditch is piped.


Formed in 1904, the PID receives water from the Government Highline Canal into the Price Ditch. Additional water is delivered directly from the Government Highline Canal to some separate laterals. Approximately 12,000 landowners and 7,000 acres of land are serviced by the PID.

Water Rights

Water rights are owned by the PID and are allocated to the land. Water rights cannot be sold separately. When land ownership changes, the water stays with the land. Water assessments are collected by the Mesa County Treasurer as part of the annual tax collection process.


Two different lateral systems exist within the PID system. Under the District’s Salinity Program, laterals were improved and placed underground.  PID Facilities are marked with stickers.  These laterals are the responsibility of the PID. ALL UNDERGROUND VALVES ON PID SALINITY LATERALS ARE THE PROPERTY OF PID AND ARE NOT TO BE OPERATED BY ANYONE BUT PID EMPLOYEES.  If you need your water shut off please call the PID office and leave a message and a Field Tech will return your call ASAP.

Private laterals are the responsibility of the landowners using those particular laterals.

The PID is not responsible for any tail waters or wastewater.  Each water user is responsible to ensure their wastewater is properly conveyed to a natural stream or water course without damage to adjoining properties.


Schedule, Board, Assessments

Irrigation water is typically available through the PID from approx. April 15 to the last week of October of each year.

The PID is governed by a three-member board and meets on the first Thursday of every month at 777 35 3/10 Rd. @ 7:00 P.M.

Assessments are collected through the Mesa County Treasurer and are billed at the rate of $50 for the first acre, or any portion thereof and $21.00 for any additional acres or any portion thereof.  This provides landowners with 1/3 to 1/2 of a Colorado Miner’s Inch per acre.  1/2 of a Colorado Miner's Inch is about 5.8 gallons per minute.


Palisade Irrigation District


777 35 3/10 Road

Palisade, CO 81526

970-464-4700 - 

fax: 970-464-1337

9am-3pm - Monday - Friday