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Please call 242-5065 if you have any questions.

 Office Hours:  Monday - Friday; 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (GVWUA is closed for lunch 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.)










Irrigation at work
Irrigation at work

Service Area

Grand Valley Water Users’ Association service area begins on the west side of Indian Wash near 28 ½ Road and continues westward to about 5 Rd. northwest of Mack.


The Grand Valley Water Users’ Association is a non-profit corporation formed in 1905 as part of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Grand Valley Project. The GVWUA operates the 55 mile long Government Highline Canal and 150 miles of piped and open laterals, providing irrigation water to approximately 23,340 acres of irrigated land. The series of laterals deliver water to individual and shared headgates in the service area. Transfer of water rights Water rights in the GVWUA have been allocated to the lands through “Subscription for Stock” agreements. These agreements were entered into by the GVWUA and owners of irrigable lands in the early 1900’s and were recorded with the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s office. When land ownership changes, the water stays with the land and cannot be sold separately.


GVWUA is responsible for the flow of water in its canal, in its laterals and through its headgates. All parts of delivery systems (ditches, laterals, pipelines, pumps) beyond the headgates are the responsibility of landowners. If subdivisions in the GVWUA service area are interested in organizing their own laterals via a Homeowner’s Association, please contact the GVWUA at 242-5065.

Water Assessment

GVWUA irrigation water is available in most years from April 1, through October 31 of each year. Assessments are billed in December for the upcoming irrigation season based on allotments for individual parcels of land. Any excess usage from the previous season is included on the December bill.

Class 1
Acre Foot
Seasonal Allotment
0.01 – 0.99 Ac.
1.00 – 1.99 Ac.
2.00 – 2.99 Ac.
3.00 – 3.99 Ac.
4.00 – 4.99 Ac.
5.00 – 5.99 Ac.
6.00 – 6.99 Ac.


21 acre-feet
23 acre-feet
25 acre-feet
26 acre-feet
27 acre-feet
27 acre-feet
28 acre-feet

7.00 Ac and above $16.61 / acre 4 acre feet / acre Excess Rate $6.23 / acre foot above 4 acre feet / acre.  A Reserve assessment of $100 has been added to each account to cover the additional costs incurred from work on the Roller Dam, laterals and other entities, which are all part of the overall system used to get irrigation water to the water users.  Due to the high cost of repairs to these entities, there is a need for GVWUA to have reserves on hand in order to keep water flowing in the canals and ditches in case of a dam break or canal breach.  

Note: For subdivision rate information, please contact the GVWUA at 242-5065.


Grand Valley Water Users’ Association E-mail: 1147 24 Road Grand Junction, CO 81505-9639 970-242-5065 fax: 970-243-4871