Loans without payroll BBVA

Payday loans without BBVA are a great way to get a loan when you do not have a payroll to justify your income. The lack of linkage raises interest rates, but allows people who do not have a payroll to access this type of financing.

Request up to € 75,000 for various purposes: renovate housing, buy furniture, vehicles or appliances, finance studies, travel or health treatments, etc.

You are interested if

You need capital to make a considerable investment without having a payroll that shows your solvency, since BBVA offers amounts of up to € 75,000.


Key points

Short description The loans without BBVA payroll allow you to request credits between 3000 and 75 000 euros. They are not finalist loans, and a return period of between 2 and 8 years is allowed. Regarding other types of loans, its processing is fast. In addition, they are backed by the brand of the entity, which provides confidence to its users.
Limits and deadlines These financial products allow you to request sums of between 3,000 and 75,000 euros. The repayment terms range between 24 months and 8 years. However, early repayment is allowed.
Acceptance times The acceptance and income of the loans without BBVA payroll take place between 3 and 4 days after the request. What makes this financial product one of the fastest in its category.
TAE The TIN of BBVA personal loans is 6.95% when a payroll is linked, while it rises to 7.95% when not doing so (APR from 8.94% to 10.76%). To this we must add the opening commission, which is 2.3% of the amount requested.
How to hire it BBVA’s commitment to technology makes hiring these loans fast and simple, since the entire process can be done through the Internet. This means that you only need a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. Without paperwork or displacements.
Main requirements The applicant must have an account in the entity, or open it before hiring the product. The application takes place over the Internet. If a payroll is linked to reduce the cost of the loan, it must be domiciled for the entire duration of the loan. Like other financial products, it does not accept ASNEF or similar.

Loans without BBVA payroll: information about the product

Main features

The loans without BBVA payroll allow you to obtain financing between 3000 and 75 000 euros for a TIN of 7.95%. You can reimburse it in a period of up to 8 years, allowing early redemption in exchange for the payment of the corresponding commission.

They are non-final loans, characterized by the speed and ease of processing and by allowing an improvement of the conditions prior to direct debit of the payroll. So you can process them 100% online , and have the money in your account only 3 or 4 days later.

In addition, the stability of the company derives in a high degree of confidence from its users.

The commissions related to the product are:

– Opening: 2.30%.

– Early amortization: 0.50% for cancellations of twelve months or less or 1% when the pending term is higher than the year.

– Study: completely free, when done through the Internet.

To contract this product, simply fill out the application form. BBVA offers a calculating tool to analyze the best configuration of your loan.

Upon receiving the form, BBVA verifies all the information, requesting the one you need in your case. In 24 hours after signing, you can enjoy your loan, although it is estimated that it takes a couple of weeks to gather the documentation and coordinate with the manager.

Main conclusions

Payday loans without BBVA are an excellent option when you need a considerable amount of capital. They are a relatively flexible and very fast product. In addition, their interests are reasonable compared to other products of their style in the market.

For example, requesting a credit of 20,000 euros to be returned in 5 years, the monthly fee by directing your salary will be € 395.55 per month, while the fee without linking the payroll will be € 405.05 per month. That is, the TIN will rise from 6.95% to 7.95% and the APR from 8.22% to 9.31%.

Therefore, loans without BBVA payroll allow you to obtain a credit without having a payroll for a more than acceptable price.

The company: BBVA

BBVA is a financial group focused on the client that has an international presence. It operates in more than 30 countries and has more than 75 million customers.

This entity, whose total assets exceed 690 million euros, was founded in 1857, establishing its pillars on customer service and fast-growing markets such as technology.

This philosophy has allowed the entity to develop for more than 160 years, consolidating itself as one of the most powerful groups in the sector. Thanks to this, BBVA is a reference entity in both Spain and South America.

Opinion regarding this product

We believe that this financial product is highly recommended when you need a considerable credit. Of course, you must use these financing methods responsibly. The delay in the payment of fees reverts to important late payment interest and other coercive measures.

However, if you need a loan, loans without BBVA payroll are an advantageous option. In addition to not being expensive, they allow a fast obtaining and the attention of one of the most important financial entities in Spain and South America.

To the ease of contracting the product, we add its flexibility, by allowing capital volumes of between 3,000 and 75,000 euros and repayment terms of up to 8 years. Most users point to these as the main advantages of the product and recommend their contracting in the face of capital needs.

Note that BBVA does not increase the opening fee for not linking a payroll. In addition, your APR is more than reasonable, because other companies can lead to ask for 14%.

In conclusion, from Bonsai Finance we recommend the loans without BBVA payroll when you need a considerable capital, with some discretion in the terms of return and a fast processing.


Request Micro-loans Easily With Us Now!

Microloans have come to modern life as a solution to many of today’s problems. More and more people are requesting them in the country. The request is not only made by those who are in extreme situations, but you can also ask for them if you want to treat yourself or, simply, go more relaxed at the end of the month.

The reason why more and more people are requesting a micro loan is because of the suitability of the solutions they offer. If you also want to benefit from these financing formulas, we will tell you all the information about them before you request them.

How can you request micro loans

How can you request micro loans

Next, we offer you a series of indications that are interesting to consider when requesting a micro loan.

1. Think about the amount you need

The first thing you need to ask for a microloan is to think about the amount you need. Consider the needs you have, as well as what you are hoping to achieve. In this way, you can decide the appropriate amount that you need so that you do not fall short of your requests.

2. You must have a bank account

Later, what you have to do to ask for it is to have a bank account. A microloan is not something that can be delivered by hand, just as you can not enter an account that is not associated with you. Therefore, it is essential that you have at hand information about your account and your number. This is because payments for these amounts are made through a transfer.

The information that you will be asked is very basic. You just have to verify in some way that you are truly the owner of the account to which the money will go, as well as the person who is requesting it. It consists of a basic measure of protection. Thus, nobody can ask for a monetary amount supplanting an identity. Therefore, it is also a measure that protects you.

3. You have to be of legal age

Another basic factor if you want to have a microloan is obvious: be of legal age. It is a matter of legal responsibility. It is impossible for a person who is under 18 years of age to apply for a loan because it is not an operation that is regulated or that is binding.

When can you request them

Microloans can be requested at the time you want. Whenever you need a certain amount of money, this will be available in just a few minutes. In turn, when dealing with small amounts of money, they are quite comfortable to handle in all aspects, both when contracting and when to return them. Keep in mind that rarely exceed a thousand euros.

Also, keep in mind that you get, at most, fifteen minutes, so you can request it when you really can not do it anymore. Microloans are designed for the emergencies of modern life. For example, you can order it if you want tickets for an impromptu trip, for an event or for a concert. Even if some month it takes more to collect your salary and you have had more expenses than usual, you can choose to have liquidity instantly.

Because these solutions can help you fix specific situations, you will not always need to borrow from a large bank. For smaller issues, small loans are the appropriate middle ground.

In conclusion, these products are one of the most interesting solutions if you need liquidity at present. Small loans can solve a lot of troubles and help you pay for any more expenses you may have. They are a help that you can have when you need it, in a comfortable and simple way, since they are processed through the Internet.

The request for microloans with responsibility

Generally, small and fast loans are financial products that usually do not exceed 1000 euros and the expiration date, as a rule, does not exceed the month. The demand for micro loans has grown almost exponentially in recent years. The main reason has been the financial crisis that has affected so many people in Spain, although there are many more reasons.

The commitment of the microloans is to help you once you request them. In this way, you will be able to carry out all your projects, even if unexpected expenses or small specific gaps arise that are sometimes so difficult to face. These financial products advocate responsible use by providing transparent and clear information.

We know that the financial products industry is full of confusing prices, very rigid reimbursements and fees that can sometimes catch you by surprise. The small loans are proposed differently so you do not get scared, and so you can get rid of the debt quickly and be able to opt for this type of solution in the future, since they do not lengthen the return process.

Microloans have processes adapted to your needs

As we mentioned before, the objective of these financial products is an action that makes your life easier when it comes to having to face your debts. Also, another fundamental proposal is that it is easy for you to pay for the microloans you have requested online when the time comes to expire.

Therefore, when you request a microloan quickly, it is normal to be asked to give all the information of your debit and credit cards. Our recommendation from Bonsai Finance is that, in order to avoid future problems, contributions always a debit card. This is because when the microloan reaches its due date, the lender will be responsible for carrying out the return process for you.

Finally, we must clarify that if the time comes, you can not pay the small loan on the due date, sometimes the lender gives you the option to pay only the fees. However, the term will be extended, as well as the conditions thereof as a result of the extension. In this way, you can reorganize your savings better so you can pay your debt in the best way.

What are the most notable advantages of online microloans?

For many people, getting a loan at a bank is an impossible mission. Microloans are financial products that can help you deal with these types of problems. The advantages that can bring you are many, both at the time of requesting and returning the money, as well as the fact of not needing a financial institution.

1. Ease of processing

The request for liquidity is very simple to make. The contract is much simpler than that of any financial institution and can be closed by email or by mobile phone. In addition, another of its facilities is that you can order it without having to leave home.

2. You are more likely to be granted

For entities that make small loans, customers are the most important. This is the reason why most of them accept almost all requests for financing from customers.

3. Money income is fast and repayment terms can be extended

In a matter of few hours or even minutes, the money you have requested will reach your bank account. With regard to repayment terms, although they are usually amortized after thirty days, there are offers that allow you to extend them even for more than three months.

4. Many do not need a payroll or endorsement

To apply for loans in banks, a problem that many people have is that they do not have payroll. For microloans, there is no need to have a payroll. Do not even have a fixed monthly income or be self-employed. The only thing that the lender will want to make sure is that you have a source of income that allows you to return the money. Likewise, you do not need any kind of third-party or goods endorsement, since these are very small amounts.

5. There is no need to explain

Contrary to what usually happens in traditional financial institutions, you will not have to give too many explanations. The lenders do not ask the reason for your need. They know that it can be for any type of unexpected or just to give you a whim. The reason for the request does not matter.

6. They allow you to negotiate if you want to extend the repayment terms

Some lenders allow you to postpone the repayment of the amounts of money you have requested in extensions. Most of the time what you will be given is thirty days longer. However, other times you will have up to three months or more.

7. You can request your loan at any time

It does not matter if it’s a weekend, a holiday or even Christmas. Request a small loan is possible at any time and at any time, because as we have said before, are created for everyday expenses or for contingencies.

More trivia about small loans

Since banks stopped lending so easily, many have had to look for other reliable sources, without giving up the advantages. One of the most viable alternatives is the small loans, which have small amounts that will help you get fast and safe money. Currently, microloans are the most requested option for those who want to have extra capital.

1. They have greater flexibility

When we think of flexibility, what comes to mind are banking entities. However, banks impose requirements that often go beyond our budget, or that are very strict. Or, they take into account our credit history.

At the same time, they also consult if we appear in lists of defaulters as ASNEF or if we have payroll. In this way, our financing possibilities are reduced.

Requesting liquidity thanks to these small loans is much simpler. First of all, no payroll is required, but as we have explained, you will only be asked for a demonstrable and moderately regular financing option. Forget the guarantees, the debts and the bank accounts that are required by the entities.

2. They have better interest rates

Likewise, it is erroneously thought that microloans have high interest rates. This is not like this. Interest rates are quite similar to those of banks or even better. When you return within a very short period of time, interest rates such as the APR will not be applied to you. The percentage applied will depend on your amount and the term. The sooner you return it, the better conditions you will have.

3. Its specific purpose

The main reason why microloans are the favorites among thousands of people may be that it is not necessary to provide a budget, or a reason why you will need them. Forget about having to justify or provide long explanations, as well as having to answer questions or endure negative from the entities.

With the Internet, we could say that all sectors of our economy have completely changed, including that of the world of finance. As we have been able to point out throughout this article, just as a few years ago you had to compulsorily pass through a bank, now the situation is completely different.

Undoubtedly, one of the most obvious cases of this revolution is how the way we have applied both for requesting and lending money in the small loans sector has changed, as well as online . These are the micro loans, which are very well known nowadays due to their comfort and security. Nowadays, more and more people are advocating for these financial products to obtain the financing they need.

Request Now Online Mini-Credits Without Complications

Online mini-credits are becoming one of the solutions to obtain liquidity quickly and easily. Consumer loans have become one of the most common sources for citizenship when it comes to getting money. However, the paradigm is changing as, instead of asking banks, it is turning to Internet entities.

After all, the products of the financial companies that operate on the network have characteristics that are usually better adapted to the needs of the public. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about one of the star products that they usually offer: online mini-credits .

What are online mini-credits?

Mini Credits Online

These financial products are loans designed for urgent and reduced liquidity needs. That is, they are not designed to give large amounts of money, but they do fit a wide range of needs. In fact, as a general rule, these usually cover amounts that start at 50 euros and can reach 500 euros.

You should always bear in mind that there are many entities that offer them, so each one has its own conditions regarding money. Now, almost never usually exceed 750 euros in terms of the maximum they can offer. And this is based on the very meaning of this product which is the possibility of accessing a reduced amount of money, but which is important enough to require a loan.

Characteristics of online mini credits

Now that we have talked to you in a general way about this product, we will go on to expose you the main characteristics that mini online credits present .

Directed to individuals

The first thing you should keep in mind is that these online mini-credits are designed for individuals who have a specific need in their personal area. That is, your target audience are not companies because the amounts offered are too low to cover these needs.

Completely digital

Another of the main characteristics of this performance is that both the application and the concession process and its management have to be done on the Internet. That is, there will be no fixed entities that offer you a credit of these characteristics. Banks and other traditional financial entities do not market these assets.

Small quantities

Third, we must mention its main characteristic and the one that makes it have the name of online mini-credit which is the fact that only small quantities can be ordered. They are designed for urgent contingencies that you must solve yes or yes but that do not suppose you a too high expense.

In fact, the amounts that are included in this type of product are those that remain empty for banks, but of which you may not have at any given time. Therefore, the fork is placed between 50 and 500 or 750 euros maximum.


It is also very important to take into account the speed since this ability is usually especially important in these efforts. If you as a user go to the digital environment in search of a loan of these characteristics, the speed of management will be one of your priorities.

The normal thing is that the needs to cover of these loans are urgent so you will need quickness to obtain the money or to look for other ways of financing and to solve your unforeseen situation as soon as possible.


Closely related to the previous concept, simplicity is found. It is about making a difference with traditional entities and these, as a rule, usually have tedious and quite complex processes to access financing. For this reason, in the digital environment we try to simplify everything to the maximum.

Reduced return period

Last but not least, we must mention that in this type of financing the term of return is quite small. The most common is that they understand from a week to a month or, in some cases, two. In this way, the idea will be that you get out of your economic predicament and quickly pay off your debt.

Certainly, this can be an advantage especially if you know that soon you will receive the money you are asking and do not want to be dragging a debt for several months. Therefore, the prompt return is another factor that you have to take into account.

What types of online mini-credits exist?

If we start talking to you about the online mini-credits that exist, we would never end. Many Internet financial entities have several types of mini-credits depending on the situation of each user. However, there are two modalities that are repeated with assiduity.

In any case, our advice is to use a comparator to find the type of digital mini-credit that suits you best.

Online mini-credit without payroll

We are going to put you in situation: imagine that you do not have a payroll and that you suffer an urgent breakdown in your home. Despite not having a payroll you need the money to get out of this predicament and as soon as possible since it is the place where you live and you need to be in good condition.

Well, many entities give you the ability to request a mini online credit , even if you do not have a payroll. The most normal thing is that they require you to have stable or periodic income, such as the payment of unemployment, the collection of a pension or a maintenance. Another possibility is that you work as a freelance or you are autonomous and your income is not considered payroll but bill collection.

In this case, many companies have a specific financial product for you that can get you out of more than one predicament.

Online mini credit with ASNEF

Another modality that is usually found in several financial companies is online mini-credits with ASNEF. This typology is designed for those people who appear in the files of ASNEF and are helpless at the time of requesting financing from any credit institution.

While it is true that there are companies that do not contemplate this possibility, in many others they do offer the possibility to these people to obtain a mini online credit . Certainly, this “permission” is due to the fact that in the digital environment the thought of granting credits is different.

While in traditional banks what is sought is to provide financing to those who have an unblemished record and offers a 100% chance of return, on the Internet companies are “risking” a little more. Why? Very easy. Because not everyone who appears in ASNEF is a defaulter.

On the contrary, companies usually have a lot of freedom to include people in these files. In this way, you can find someone who for a non-payment of 30 euros is in this file. But it is more, is that many times the default has been made by some injustice that the company did not want to recognize.

In other cases, those who appear on these lists have already paid off their debt, but do not know how to get out of this register or are in the process of doing so when the need arises for them to have money. Well, all these people represent an important market niche that many companies have decided to take advantage of.

Besides, of course, giving these people the opportunity to obtain financing if they need it.

What are the requirements to request an online mini-credit?

Mini credit online now

As for the requirements necessary to be able to request a mini-credit on the Internet, they usually depend on the entity that offers them. However, given that we know the products of different companies, we can provide you with general information about the general conditions that must be met for practically all companies.

  • Be of legal age, since the responsibility of returning the money has to fall on the applicant and, for this, this must be of legal age.
  • Have a bank account and own it. That is, the money can not be entered into an account in which the applicant does not appear as the owner.
  • Reside in Spain since if you live abroad you must ask for it in your place of residence.
  • Have a valid identification document.
  • Have stable income, even if they are of a different nature than a payroll.
  • Have an email address
  • Have a mobile phone so that the entity can locate you if necessary.

As you can see, they are not especially complex requirements to meet since the purpose of these financing is to be accepted by everyone who requires it. Therefore, if you fulfill all of the above, they will surely grant you the money you require.

Procedure to request an online mini credit

The first thing we should highlight about the procedure to obtain this type of financing is that it is usually very simple and fast in practically any portal that offers it. However, the steps to follow may vary depending on the entity chosen.

In any case, just as we have done in previous sections, we are going to offer you general information so that you have an idea of ​​what the procedure is like from the time you apply for the loan and until it is granted.

  1. Search of the website: all these credits are granted digitally so you must access the company’s website and see the conditions.
  2. Make the simulation: most websites have a tool to simulate the money you need and the time you want to return it.
  3. Make the request: once you simulate what you need, the page will ask for some personal and banking information to study your profile as a client and offer you an offer.
  4. Reception of the response: after sending the request the entity will give you a negative response, informing you that it does not grant you the financing, or positive. In the latter case, they will provide you with all the information regarding the return conditions and the total amount to be paid and you can accept or reject it.
  5. Receiving the money: once you accept the proposal, you will receive the money you have requested in your account. Normally the reception is usually immediate, although it can take at most 48 hours.

When may this financial product be necessary?

Throughout the text we have spoken that these products are designed to meet very specific needs. Well then, let’s give some examples. In this way, perhaps you can get interesting information to guide you to know if this type of financing is what you need.

Breakdowns in the home

One of the most common cases for which people usually require online mini-credits is when they have a breakdown in the home and can not afford to pay. While it is true that insurance often take care of many breakdowns, depending on the conditions of the same or the insurance coverage, you might find yourself helpless.

On the other hand, another of the problems related to the home is usually the breakage of some domestic appliance. These are essential and require a quick replacement.

Faults in the vehicle

Vehicles are essential to go to work and travel. For this reason, when they break down, the urge to fix them is maximum. In the event that you see yourself without cash to pay for the repair, an online mini-credit could be the solution.

Opportunities that expire

This is, for example, the payment of the tuition of a course that you have always wanted to do and that has a deadline or the use of an offer for a trip or for any other question you need. For example, if you need a computer and an offer is presented to you, you can take advantage of it by requesting a mini-credit on the Internet.

Compare, compare and compare: the key to success

Before finishing, we can not stop talking about the importance of comparing. The digital environment has led to the creation of a large number of companies dedicated to the granting of this type of financing.

Each of them has their conditions and their fees so comparing is the only way to find the most suitable company to order online mini-credits.

Online microcredits, a customized solution

In the daily routine, unforeseen expenses arise that force you to make real adjustments in the family budget.

This is the case, for example, with the cost of going back to school, Christmas shopping, the unpleasant surprise of a traffic ticket, a major breakdown at home that forces you to repair several appliances … Situations in which, despite have a monthly economic stability thanks to the performance of a job, unforeseen surprises that exceed the budget. What can you do in these cases of urgency?

The microcredits constitute a financial innovation quite recent in its current conception, although certainly throughout history there have been similar financial instruments. What is clear is that these are novel financial tools in the current economic context and modify the financing dynamics that exist in the capitalism we know. They have changed the way of understanding the economy, especially for those who have more difficulty in obtaining credits.

microcredits online

The development of personal microcredits has even been recognized by the Stockholm Nobel Prize, known as the most prestigious achievement in the fields of knowledge. The Grameen Bank , is a financial and community development institution founded in Bangladesh. He is known, above all, for granting small loans to people with difficulties accessing financing without requesting a guarantee. Dedicated to those who are in poverty or at risk of having it, the “grameen credits” are received especially by women (in 96%), which demonstrates the commitment of the entity to reach those who need it most.

Microcredits: tailor-made solutions for individuals

Through our online microcredits you can get fast and confidential financing to solve this type of situations that generate so much anguish when they are not resolved on time.

Bonsai Finance offers financing options to individuals. This helps you to cope with the monthly fixed expenses without the unforeseen events adding financial stress. And as a client, the company guarantees your maximum happiness since its objective is that you have a healthy economy, being free of debts as soon as possible.

Bonsai Finance offers responsible microloans that do not exceed the amount of 800 euros.

In a context of economic crisis, banks have tightened their regulations in the granting of loans. However, as you know, for many families the difficulties to reach the end of the month are more than remarkable given the high level of basic expenses and salaries of precarious employment. For this reason, in those situations in which you live a difficult pothole, the request for a microcredit can bring you the peace of mind necessary to solve those pending issues with the resources reached.

What are the requirements that you must meet as a loan applicant in this entity? You must be of legal age. Most lenders can also ask for a bank account number where the borrowed amount will be paid, a bank account or a card to collect the refund and a mobile phone number to receive calls and text messages. Other requirements may be not having any type of debt with any financial institution. In case of not fulfilling these conditions it is possible that a loan request is rejected by the lender entity. In general you do not need to present a guarantee to make your request.

If you request an online microcredit, you have the guarantee that your security and your personal data are protected confidentially.

If your application is accepted, you will receive the money quickly, all through a very simple process.

Through these customized solutions you will feel the tranquility of being able to solve unpleasant unforeseen situations in a totally personalized way through this system of microcredits with which you will improve the management of your personal finances.

From now on, you will feel that these unexpected (or not so unexpected) expenses are easier to solve.

Fast microcredits

Microcredit is a relatively recent innovation in the history of finance around the world. The dynamics of flexible financing have changed the way in which the economy is posed, at least for those who before had it more complicated to access fast credit.

Finding out about online microcredits can be very useful for solving certain financing problems. For example, it is worth calculating online, quickly and with your own hands the conditions that ask you for the credit. Such things imply decisive improvements for many people, since before obtaining the information was already an obstacle in itself. The data was only in the hands of the banks, which also allowed (and allow) to demand exhaustive information about the personal life of those who are requesting a financial service. Before, you had to move to the bank and accept agreements in which the favorable conditions always smiled at the financial institution.

Having online the information of a possible credit cuts the necessary steps and time, giving you the opportunity to do the process yourself. Because the decisions must be made counting with all the relevant information beforehand!

Information in economics equals freedom

With the quick microcredits the rules of the financial game are changing little by little. In addition, the attention it deserves has not been given to the possibility of calculating online, quickly and by oneself the credit conditions. This is a key improvement for the users, because before, to obtain information about possible credits or loans, they had to go to the bank or financial institution, hold a meeting in which they had to give more information than the bank itself and all according to the most favorable conditions for the bank, which was the boss at all times.

The option of online access to information about our possible credit shortens the time and the necessary steps and above all gives us the opportunity to do things by ourselves, quickly obtaining the information we need before making decisions. This is much more like freedom!

Microcredits with asnef

The microcredits with asnef allow us to move forward so that you and the other individuals who do not have other means of financing can expand your options and with it the real freedom.

The trends are clear, it is deepening in the logic that microcredit practices bring. Send the satisfaction of customers like you. Information technologies, new services and the development of financial goods and products make them gain in flexibility. The success of quick credits is another proof.

Until now, to access loans and credits were too many efforts. The process could be slow, inflexible and even unfair, because many could not have the necessary money. And for that reason they had to renounce very important projects for them. But now a new era is opening in which the quick microloans give you the necessary viability.

Requesting a microcredit with asnef is quite simple. Looking to give you the best customer service and simple products we are opening a path through a world in permanent change. In particular, Bonsai Finance was founded approximately two years ago because the founding team observed that other companies in the sector were offering products that were too complex for individuals, difficult application procedures and poor customer service.

The trends for the future undoubtedly point to a deepening in the logic of microcredit at the moment, by getting closer and closer to the ways of life of our customers. New technologies, services and consumer goods and now, also, financial products gain flexibility in the new times. The success of quick credit is the best proof of that.

The traditional ways to obtain credits and loans can be slow, inflexible and, sometimes, even unfair. This has forced many people to leave behind concrete projects and solutions to financial problems because the adequate financing has not come at the right time. A new financial era opens with quick microcredits.

Do you need money urgently?

Urgent money loans have been made a gap among the Spanish. And they have been revealed as very useful sources of funding, since we are in a difficult access to credit.


Never has the world of fast loans experienced a revolution as unique as that of Bonsai Finance. Gone are the long and endless queues in banks, the bureaucratic paperwork and the obstacles for a financial institution to lend you money. Now, you can request urgent money on our website and your money can be in your account in less than … 15 minutes!

Covering an unforeseen event was never so easy

Did you receive an unexpected receipt? A traffic ticket? Did you miss your child’s birthday and are you in a hurry? Have you seen a bid for a trip and do not want it to be taken out of your hands? Do not think about it anymore … and do not move from the seat from which you are reading this.

You just have to have your ID at hand, your bank card, a mobile where we can register on our page and ask how much money you need and how long you plan to return it. That easy. Without unnecessary displacements, without paperwork, payroll to show what you earn, endorsements or wait.

Your money will become a reality if you formalize it from here, comfortably from your chair and making an estimate about when you plan to return it. You will receive an SMS message on your mobile with the activation code and, as soon as you do, your credit will be credited to your checking account in less than a quarter of an hour. Can it be easier than this?

This type of Bonsai Finance credits are at the service of those who request it, and not vice versa. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have any questions and you want us to solve it, do not worry: you can write us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

With the credits of Bonsai Finance you will never walk alone. You decide the commission that we will charge you according to the conditions of return that you yourself establish: you can request from 200 to 800 euros and return them from one to six weeks.

At Bonsai Finance we make it really easy for you: processing the application, the conditions of the urgent money and the almost instantaneous disposition of the capital. Absolutely everything at a click click. Can you believe it?

Now you can allow yourself that whim you had in mind every time you went past that computer store, or take advantage of the bargain you’ve seen this morning at your favorite travel agency and enjoy that magnificent trip to Cancun with a companion … 400 euros!

So, do not hesitate, you can already pack with your relative and ask for a few days of vacation because Bonsai Finance credits online   They make all your dreams come true … with a click!

We tell you all about the urgent money online

Urgent money online is a concept that, in three words, reveals the characteristics of a financial product that is reaching a certain height. Not in vain, it is common to see announcements, in prime time , of urgent money loans online.

The loan of an amount of money (between 200 and 800 euros), as a matter of urgency and through a procedure via Internet, solves the most inopportune economic problems.

The facilities relating to the loan of urgent money online

Urgency and comfort come together in this financial product. You have to face a payment that is causing you burdens (for example, a traffic ticket or mandatory reforms in your company (to meet the requirements of environmental protection) and, in addition, there is a deadline for this payment Not paying on time will cause more serious problems.

Therefore, it will be good for you to know how you can access fast money online. The last thing you need, in cases like the ones we’ve told you about, are paperwork that delays your payments. Who pays rests (and who charges, more), says the popular proverb. And we take this very seriously.

Be clear that this type of financial product is characterized by the elimination of heavy and cumbersome procedures. No more complicated forms and unusual demands. In fact, the requirements that you have to fulfill are very simple: documentation in order, regular source of income, current account, age between the age of majority and 65, mobile phone (to receive notifications about the management of urgent money on-line)…

But, in this text, we want to focus on the greater facility. Without a doubt, that is to be able to do the procedures from your home. By Internet. At the click of a button you can solve all those questions that, before, were related to the handling of paperwork and the endless waiting in windows and counters. You will not lose more than just time.

Comfortably, from your seat, you will be able to perform all the procedures to request and receive your money

urgent online. Comfort, therefore, is one of the most appreciated features of urgent money online.

Know the steps to follow to request your money and

The phases to request your urgent money are as simple as the brief outline that we are going to explain to you. Anyone with a user level on the Internet can understand it without any problem.

You have to enter our website and create a user account, in which you will receive notifications about the loan. Afterwards, you can now select the amount of the loan you want and the time in which you will return it.

Finally, you will receive the requested money in your checking account in a quarter of an hour.

How can you get urgent money online?

Getting money urgently (that is, money already) is easier than you can imagine. It is clear that we come from an era in which access to bank credit has become complicated. But, for that very reason, people have started to look for other alternatives and have found the solution: it is urgent online money. Next, we will tell you how you can receive a loan of this type.

The keys to request urgent money online … and that they grant it

It will not cost you to imagine a situation in which you need a quantity of money urgently, since we assume that you have gone through some of them in recent times.

You may have needed a few tens of euros to pay a fine (and not have to pay interest late, if you delay), buy an item that was on sale (only for a while) or install some machinery that would allow your business generate more income.

money already

They are cases in which you need the money already, so you can not get entangled with the accreditation of the guarantees currently requested by banks, which try to minimize the risks for the returns that are not made in form and date. Your interests are other, since you need money urgently without payroll or endorsements in between. Simply, you are clear that you will be able to repay the loan, since, in the course of the agreed term, you will have enough income for it.

You can access this urgent money without payroll or other requirements thanks to a management via Internet. Keep in mind the significant savings of time and money involved, since you will not have to relive long waits in the queues of the branches of the branches or have to process the typical paperwork.

You just have to create your account on the website and select the amount you want and the period in which you agree to return it, which will generate the corresponding fees. For example, from 200 to 800 euros that will have to be returned in a period that will vary between a week and a month and a half.

In order to benefit from this advantageous system, you will only have to fulfill a series of very basic conditions: majority of age, regular source of income, ownership of a current account in which you wish to receive the loan, contact information regarding the notifications to receive …

You will be surprised how quickly you will receive the money, since it will reach the current account that you have signaled in less than a quarter of an hour.

Do you need money now?

We’ll explain it more clearly with a couple of examples. Imagine that you have to pay a fine whose interest on late payment can make you lose even more money. Then, put yourself in the shoes of a restaurateur who can not open his premises (therefore, does not generate the appropriate income) until he invests in the realization of a work that, in order to carry out his work, it demands the City Council of his city.

It is, therefore, a few loans that can be returned in the short term and avoid having to pay more money, so they will not generate you over debt.

Finally, we remind you that being able to apply for these loans online makes things much easier. This formula implies an important saving of time and money, since you will not have to endure the queues before the windows of the branches or take the photocopies that you will have to present in them.

You can ask for urgent money without payroll or other guarantees, since the conditions that we will demand are minimal: be between 18 and 65 years old, a regular source of income and a mobile number from which to receive notifications.

With just one click, you can manage the quick credit you need from our website. You will select the amount you need and the return period. And, if all your data is correct, you will receive, in a quarter of an hour, the money already. You will have it at your disposal, with maximum comfort, in your current account.

Get fast money for individuals

Quick money for individuals

Have you received any unforeseen fines? Do you have to fix the car to go on a trip? Has your washing machine broken and you need to buy another one? There are many (almost infinite) possibilities and probabilities that you will have an unexpected economic situation and you need to get money fast.

When this happens you can go to a relative, even a friend, but it does not always work, right? That is why more and more, the chosen option is fast loans and online credits.

Today, banks have tightened their policy and conditions to grant loans and personal loans. At Bonsai Finance, we are very aware of the reality that surrounds our clients and that this type of unexpected happens more than one would like. That’s why we help you get fast and easy money (only for individuals) in a completely confidential and uncomplicated way.

The smartest decision

At Bonsai Finance we help you apply for quick loans that are only intended to cover urgent short-term financial obligations for our clients.

This quick money, or commonly called fast loans is the best solution to a short-term cash need. We offer impeccable management in terms of security, so you do not have to worry about anything and that your online loan is as fast and comfortable as possible.

We focus on developing a highly advanced technical solution that makes working with us as effortless as possible. We are specialists in microcredit and that is why we offer you quick and easy money.

Getting money fast is very easy

At Bonsai Finance we want to promote responsible loans among our clients. That’s why we offer you simple and flexible conditions according to your needs.

We differentiate ourselves from other financial and modern online credit entities by:

  • Offer a longer period of time : between 1 and 6 weeks (at the end of this term, you have the possibility of renewing the terms if you pay the interest of the first term)
  • Offer a larger amount of money : up to € 800
  • Offer loans much faster : you should not send us any type of documents or paper copies.

get money fast

With Bonsai Finance you can rest assured that you will know at all times what you will be charged. We pride ourselves on the transparency of the fees of our online credits and the simplicity of them.

If you find yourself in a situation of short-term cash needs or immediately, look no further! Choose the amount and time of return that best suits your needs and enjoy unique conditions with Bonsai Finance.

The latest in financing

If there is an advantage of quick credits, it is undoubtedly their ease and immediacy. In no time you can have money on hand for whatever you want. Quick money, without long formalities or exhaustive paperwork. Money that will make your life easier and that is there for you to use and enjoy when you need it.

Quick money is an undeniable help for any family that is a bit rushed with their finances. What are the advantages of having money quickly? What recommendations can we give you about access to fast credits? Let’s see some guidelines that will surely go very well in this regard.

The advantages of using quick money

fast money online Due to the characteristics of the disbursement, or because of the immediacy of the need, it is often not convenient for us or we are not interested in resorting to a conventional personal bank loan. There’s the main advantage of quick credits: cash and fair money just when it’s best for you. Cash for immediate needs.

Any other advantage? Of course. It’s not just quick money, it’s easy money. Without giving superfluous explanations or get up to the neck in paperwork and paperwork. With a few simple steps and without complications you get the amount you need for what really matters to you. You only need to meet some minimum requirements to apply for your quick credit with Bonsai Finance.

Tips for using your money

We are responsible and we want you to be too. The ease of getting cash with quick credits should not become a hobby. It is money that should be used for urgent and authentic needs. So we recommend that you act with financial responsibility. Does your child need to go to the dentist urgently? For that we are. Do you want to go buy shoes? Then we recommend that you think about it again.

We also recommend that you do not enter into a spiral of quick credits, as you would accumulate more and more fees that could negatively affect your financial health. Act responsibly!

How to access fast online credits

Trust in our times is a value, especially when we have urgent financial needs. That’s where we appreciate the trust of entities that provide us with fast online credits.

This financial modality is especially practical at very specific times; above all, when we have to face an unforeseen payment urgently and we can not wait to collect the payroll.

There are many situations to which fast online credits fit like a glove. For example, imagine that you want to make your purchases of sales or Christmas but that you will not have the necessary money for two, three or four weeks.

Fast online credits, a financial formula that triumphs in Europe

At the beginning of the eighties the first companies dedicated to offering fast credit at a distance were born in France. At that time the efforts were made by mail or telephone, but the mechanics were similar. Later, these types of companies and online credit options multiplied to meet increasingly specific needs. This is how, for example, fast online loans came back to pay in up to six weeks.

Such a formula has many advantages. For starters, you avoid long-term debt. It is as if a person of trust lent you money for a brief period. Our company also offers you four fundamental values ​​when granting fast online credits:

Minimum documentation: just show that you have a regular source of income and a mobile phone to send and receive SMS messages. The pre-authorization is immediate, so that in the same call you will know if you have been granted credit.

Immediate money: once the online credit is approved, you receive your money on the same day, in a quarter of an hour or less.

You know how much you pay: by returning the loan in full, the information is 100 percent transparent. From the beginning you know what is the amount you will pay at the end of the loan.

Greater control over fast online credit: we offer you up to six weeks to return the money. This way you will not have to worry about renovations and it will be more economical. Of course, fast online credits demand a responsible attitude. That’s why you must make sure beforehand that you will return it.

Practical, simple and comfortable

Fast online credits eliminate an important concern at the root: you no longer have to think about whether or not you will have money to pay for an urgent payment. The company trusts you and you can dedicate yourself to thinking about really important things.

Instant credit | Apply yours NOW

Requesting credits instantly is becoming easier every day. When you need money urgently, it is no longer necessary for you to transfer to a bank and request the money from the bank director. Currently, just click a few clicks to access the financing you need quickly and safely.

Internet has brought many advantages to our lives, and one of them is the request for financing without moving from home. However, there are still people who do not know the characteristics that define this type of financing obtained online . Next, you will see the most relevant information about this type of loans.

Characteristics of the credits instantly

Credits instantly speed

A quick credit, or credit instantly, is a loan that is requested and obtained online. It is not necessary to leave the house to get it, and this makes it very comfortable. Let’s see what are the main characteristics of this type of loans.

These loans have been designed mostly to deal with economic contingencies or situations that can not be faced at the time they are presented. It is important to understand this point, since in this way you can easily understand why they have these striking features.

Application and fast management

Requesting a quick loan is, as its name suggests, very fast. In fact, you can have the money in your bank account in a few minutes since you made the decision to request it. In most cases, it will not take more than 5 minutes to complete your request. And, if your bank account matches any of the entities with which the lender works, you can have the money entered into your account immediately. Therefore, they become the perfect ally for times of pressing need for cash.

Flexible requirements

Another one of the great advantages of these quick credits is that they are very accessible. This means that practically anyone, with a regular and demonstrable income, can access this type of financing. Some of the most common requirements that you can find in this type of financing are the following:

  • Be a resident in Spain, with a valid and current identity document, either DNI or NIE.
  • Be of age. Although in many companies it is necessary that you have a higher minimum age: 21 or 25 years is the most common.
  • Enjoy a demonstrable and regular source of income that guarantees that you can repay the loan on the stipulated date.
  • Have a bank account in your name where the lender can make the loan transfer.

Broadly speaking, these are the requirements that most companies usually have. It will also be necessary in many cases that you have a mobile phone or an email where the entity can get in touch with you.

No payroll or endorsement

Most loans do not instantly require the user to have a payroll. In fact, virtually any type of income that meets the conditions of being demonstrable and regular is valid. Therefore, in many cases, an unemployment benefit or a pension may be sufficient for the loan to be approved.

On the other hand, there remained those years in which it was essential to have a guarantee to apply for a loan. More and more companies offer financing without the need for a guarantor.

Financing even if you are at ASNEF

One of the greatest advantages of this type of loans is that, on occasion, they accept users who are on delinquent lists. Something unthinkable a few years ago: that someone in ASNEF could access financing; It is a reality in our days. Although it is true that not all companies have this feature, if you are in ASNEF you will have a wide range of companies to choose from to apply for financing.

Credit terms and costs instantly

Most of the quick credits have been thought to solve an unforeseen economic situation that you can not face because you do not have the necessary cash. Speaking in familiar terms, we can compare a quick credit with an advance payment. Therefore, the amounts that are usually offered in these types of services are not very high. In general, they do not exceed € 1,000, although it is true that there are companies that do exceed them.

For this reason, it is logical that the term of return of these credits be short. Being a kind of advance, fast loans usually offer a maximum period of 30 days to make the repayment of the loan. In addition, they have the peculiarity that they are normally paid in a single payment of 100% of the amount.

The costs of these loans tend to increase each day that the user has the money. Therefore, if you are looking for a loan as cheap as possible, you should choose a reasonable term as short as possible. As a general rule, the costs of loans are usually around 1% per day. This means that a loan of € 100 to be repaid in 30 days will cost approximately € 30. However, if you request it for 7 days, you will save a good amount, since you can have costs of approximately € 7.

The safest loans

Although in the past many people distrusted this type of financing, more and more people realize that it is a secure financing. Of course, it is necessary to verify that the company to which you are requesting the money has good reviews from other users. However, there are more and more serious and secure companies in this sector, which makes it easier every day to decide which company is the best one to apply for your loan.

For all these reasons, if you are looking for financing, the credits can instantly be an excellent option for you. Solving an unforeseen event such as a breakdown or a last-minute mishap can be very urgent and having the money to cope can sometimes be of vital importance.

Get Your Credit Online Without Difficulties With Us

An online credit covers a wide variety of ways of financing. This is the reason why it is important that you differentiate the financing itself, from the credits by Internet. Many of them are made through crowdlending platforms or private lenders.

What is an online credit

Online credit has now emerged as the most frequent type of alternative financing that customers and, in general, users most often use. To begin with, we can define the loans we get through the network, such as those obtained online through credit platforms.

Since the financial and economic crisis devastated Spain, the country has gone through these arduous moments that have led people to turn increasingly to this type of financing in their day to day. The cases have grown exponentially, since the requirements that are requested for the approval of a credit are not as strict as those imposed by banking entities.

However, we must bear in mind that the other side of the coin are the interests that are presented at the time of their return. Online credit is becoming more fashionable, especially the ” express money” or the one that offers money in a few minutes with great ease.

The main characteristics of online credits

Online Credit Now

This type of credit is focused mainly on individuals. That is, it does not focus in a specific way on companies. In addition, another feature that makes more and more people opt for this non-traditional option is that it is not necessary to argue or detail the reasons or the purposes of money.

The requirements of this type of financial product are very lax. You will not need much more than to have the DNI in force, be of legal age, more or less regular income and have a bank account that is associated with you.

Also, the term of return of an online credit is quite short. This attribute is due to the fact that, normally, it serves to cover a specific need for cash. Normally, the term does not exceed 30 days, although many companies that offer this product allow you to extend the term of return in exchange for fees. Sometimes, this postponement of payment even exceeds three months.

On the other hand, the amount that you will be given with a non-bank loan is not very high. Keep in mind that it is used for specific moments, which usually do not exceed € 1000. The average is between € 300 and € 5000, but depending on the platform where you apply for the credit, the amount of money may vary.

Later, you should bear in mind that there are two types of platforms that offer these credits. The crowdlending are those that give you the amount of money with their own funds, while, on the other hand, there are private lenders that act as intermediaries with the previous ones.

The time you have to wait to get credit is practically nil. You request it instantaneously. At the latest, they will pay you the money within 24 hours, although you will usually receive it before this deadline.

In addition, companies usually do not carry out any type of study on the risks that the credit operation can have. As well as studying incidents that may have with the person requesting the money, since no prior study of solvency, or at least, not in excess.

What you should keep in mind is that, since there is no exhaustive study about the clients, the cost for non-payment is high. This sometimes leads to a succession of legal and legal problems about clients who have enjoyed this type of financing.

Therefore, although initially requesting an online credit is really attractive for the individual, we must also be aware of the responsibility and commitment that you assume. Hence the importance of returning the money within the established period or requesting its extension by the appropriate route, since you can request an extension of the return period if you need it.

Also, the main problem of the defaults of the quotas is that when you stop paying them, they will begin to increase interest on late payments. Which, in the end, usually end up in the courts.

The conclusion if we analyze these characteristics is that, although it is simple and fast to request a credit through Internet, you must be very clear that you have to return it without exceeding the term that you have established. In this way, you will not be overwhelmed later by the interests of the delay. That is, it uses financing responsibly.

Credit by Internet: types

1. Personal credit online

The personal credit that is contracted through the Internet is that which is offered exclusively to the individual. Normally, it is small amounts of money that do not exceed € 1000. This type of financial product does not require guarantees and is granted instantaneously. However, the linked late payment interest is usually quite high.

2. Fast online credit

The online credit that is granted quickly is the one that can have a monetary amount of up to € 10,000. The period in which it will be granted ranges between 24 and 48 hours. To return it, at most, you will be granted 4 or 5 years.

3. The online mini-credit

Internet microloans are a type of quick credit. However, the amount offered is much lower than the quick credits described above. Far from offering the € 10,000 of fast loans, the maximum they offer is € 900. In this case, the return period that is granted is of more or less thirty days and the concession is made in just a few minutes.

Internet credit through ‘crowdlending’

Another way to get an online credit is to use the crowdlending pages. Platforms of this type are those that grant loans to individuals and companies having previously made a detailed study of each operation.

Its objective is to grant better conditions, as far as possible, for investors, borrowers and for applicants in general. Through the non-bank credits that are obtained by these platforms, both individuals and companies can get the financing they want.

The necessary requirements to apply for an online credit

Credit Online Now

Depending on the credit company you choose over the Internet, the requirements that you must meet may vary. In most places what you will be asked for, first of all, is that you reside in Spain, although not always. You can request them once you have reached the age of 18. However, sometimes it is not enough to be of legal age, but you must be between 25 and 70 years old.

Another requirement is that you present the DNI, NIE or, if applicable, the valid passport. They will also ask you to have a positive credit history, as well as having an account number, a mobile phone number and an e-mail address .

As we have mentioned, it is important that you use it responsibly and be able to return the amount of the credit within the agreed term. Otherwise, you may have legal and legal problems. Finally, you will only have to fill in a form with your application providing all this information, as well as the necessary documentation.

What are the advantages you can have with online credit?

1. The interest rate

The interest rate that the online credit has varies depending on the repayment term. Sometimes, it can even be up to 8%. Keep in mind that the shorter the return period, the better the conditions will be.

2. Agility in the operation

Once the Internet credit company receives your financing request, the risk department will proceed to study your operation. However, the usual thing is that in less than 24 hours you have an answer, especially if it is a fast online credit. The worst thing that can happen to you is that it takes 48 hours. Once it is approved, you will be notified instantly so you can enjoy the amount you have requested.

3. About CIRBE

Many of the non-bank credit companies do not consume CIRBE. The clients of an entity that have not had any loan or credit, or that have never signed a guarantee or guarantee, are those that are not registered in this list. It is not a record of defaulters, but of people who have performed these actions, even if they have returned it. The status of the contracted loans is updated in the list.

The CIRBE is important, since it is one of the main tools of a bank to know what your debt capacity is. In this way, you will study and assess your ability to return an amount of money that has been lent to you.

Clarified this, what we want to point out is that many of the companies through which you can hire credits online do not consume CIRBE. This means that by contracting credits in the network you will not appear in this list.

4. No additional products

Internet credit does not require you to hire additional products to be able to obtain them, since the steps you have to perform are minimal. Contrary to what usually happens with other personal products such as deposits.

5. There are free early repayments

With the online credit you will be able to amortize the money that has been given to you in advance. There will be no cost to do it totally or partially. Do not forget that, apart from this possibility, you can request a shorter return period in your application. Well, as we have mentioned, the lower the term, the better the conditions will be.

6. It has the backing of the Bank of Spain and the CNMV

Some platforms that offer these financial products have the license of payment entities granted by the Bank of Spain, as well as the Participatory Financing Platform registered with the CNMV.

Why is online fast credit possible?

The factors that have generated the growing popularity of online credit are many. For example, the fact that now the Internet is universal or that the culture of credit among the population has grown. Also, today families have new financing needs and greater economic difficulties in their respective homes.

However, there are two specific aspects that have been more influential. The first thing that we have to take into account is that there is a system of verification of requests that is automated. This allows them to be approved instantly if the data is valid and correct.

A second factor that has favored the growth of the popularity of this credit model is the new emergence of tablets and smartphones . Having access to the Internet or the possibility to connect to the Wi-Fi network, the user can access from any point and at any time or day, be it a holiday or even at Christmas.

Finally, undoubtedly, the advantages and the possibility of obtaining money instantly adapted to the needs of each one with agility, not very severe requirements and total transparency and security have also contributed to its boom.

If you need to get financing for your expenses, your improvised or for a whim, a   credit   online can be the solution. It is possible to get one that suits what you are looking for even if you are in ASNEF. Although, previously informed about the different existing types, the interests of each, as well as the requirements and deadlines for return.

Minicreditos with ASNEF

You have the possibility to request mini-loans with ASNEF quickly, without the need to wait long lines, or present an arsenal of endless paperwork. You can be granted a mini credit with ASNEF as quickly as any other type of quick credit. If you have any doubts about the operation of this type of credits, about the payment method or the process of returning your credit and you can not find a solution that you like, we put our frequent questions section at your disposal.

The mini-credits with ASNEF are financial products that have become fashionable over the last few years and stand out for having facilitated access to quick money to a large part of the savers and self-employed of our country. Precisely, those people who had seen how they were complicated, when they needed it most, access to credit.

Next, we will explain the origin and characteristics of these financial products and will delve into the advantages they can offer you. Keep reading, because what we have to tell you interests you.

Why have these specific products become so popular?

The answer to this question refers to the economic crisis that our country has experienced since 2008. This crisis has had a very strong impact on the Spanish financial system. This was intervened by the political power and control over it was increased. In this context of austerity and rigor, the credits that had been granted without guarantees of return were questioned.

In this regard, the risk departments of banks, at the request of public agencies, decided to apply more stringent requirements when granting loans. In practice, this has entailed a hardening of the guarantees requested.

Among these guarantees, we must highlight those related to the requirements of guarantees and payrolls. But there is also another important, which is what determines the nature of the financial product that we are presenting in this post. It is about the checks carried out in ASNEF.

In the following lines, we review with you what the ASNEF reviews consist of.

What are the mini-credits with ASNEF?

To understand what these financial products imply, we must analyze what ASNEF is and what it influences when granting or denying a loan.

ASNEF is an organization formed by entities that are dedicated to the field of credit. In a broad sense. Keep in mind that not only are banks part of it, but it is also integrated, among other associations, by insurance companies. This group carries out a register of defaulters, which is configured through the information shared by the organizations that have been associated with this coordinator. We refer, in this case, basically, to data about debts and other operations that allow identifying potential delinquents.

Within the framework of the pressures that banks’ risk departments received when managing access to credit, one of the protocols they established was that of verifying the presence of the client in question in these registers. In the ASNEF, but also similar ones, for example, RAI.

However, although the presence in these registers was used by the banks as a clear precautionary test and was interpreted as a requirement for the non-fulfilled concession, to appear in the censuses of the ASNEF does not mean, in reality, that the one registered in They were a morose.

You have to assess that a person could appear in the ASNEF census for a debt of an irrelevant sum (due, for example, to an oversight) or even for a failure. In this sense, they are habitual, without going any further, those of the telephone companies that charge the client, by mistake, a service that he had not hired. As a preventive measure in the face of financial complications that may arise, it is worthwhile to cancel the debts that may appear in ASNEF.

But, in addition to eliminating these debts, you have the possibility to opt for the products that we are presenting you in this text. Choosing them means that those of us who have to grant you credit will not look if you appear on the ASNEF lists. Therefore, in this aspect, you can rest easy.

And is that, in most cases, you may need a quick mini credit without the possibility of waiting for them to check if you appear on a list of defaulters or meet all the hard requirements that they will impose. The financing needs do not wait, since some of them are not applicable. Therefore, you require a product such as the one we have mentioned that, without neglecting the guarantees of credit return, lighten the procedures you must perform and the requirements that you have to comply with.

These financial products, on the other hand, can be offered in these advantageous conditions because they are managed through the Internet. In this way, we all save time and money in carrying out procedures. Operating online allows us to forget the heavy paperwork and long waits. Your money is just one click away and you can manage your credit from the comfort of your home at any time.

In short, it points out the benefits you can take advantage of through mini-credits with ASNEF and quickly access the money you need.

Mini-credits with ASNEF: the keys

Mini-credits with ASNEF are granted to those who request them, even if they are currently included in some of the lists of defaulters or non-payments of ASNEF or RAI or have been included.

Any company that registers a person for non-payment in ASNEF (National Association of Financial Establishments of Consumer Credit) must send a last communication notice and give account to the individual in the list of defaulters by registered mail and within thirty days. The only way out of the list of defaulters is to pay the entire debt contracted. Once the debt has been paid, the entity that manages the ASNEF contacts the company owed to confirm that, in effect, the debt has been paid. You can check if you are in the ASNEF lists by email, postal, telephone or fax, at the addresses of the ASNEF entity.

Thus, the usual financial entities do not grant mini-credits with ASNEF. Situation that, on many occasions, can be considered unfair. You can be on an ASNEF list for very different reasons, which translate, in practice, into problems and economic blockages that can generate personal discomforts and insecurities. You can be on an ASNEF list for having paid, for example, a late receipt of the light, not having paid an invoice from a telephone company for a service that was not requested or, simply, because who owed processing the payment of a charge did not.

How are these mini-credits managed?

The financial companies that grant mini-loans with ASNEF provide loans that usually do not exceed 1,000 euros per transaction and are offered with thirty-day maturity dates. These are small loans to pay small unexpected expenses, pay payments that can not wait or complete financing for purchases of products or services as a matter of urgency.

The companies that grant these mini-credits with ASNEF answer by any of the communication channels they enable, within 24 hours, and the concessions of the funds, after a personal study of each case, are granted very quickly. Therefore, they are also considered express credits. The usual charges for these minicréditos with ASNEF are usually around 1%, daily, of the total money granted with the loan.

For the granting of the mini-credits, all the data of the credit and debit cards that the applicant has active are requested. In the event that you can not pay the loan granted in the agreed time, some of these companies offer you only the payment of the fees and a proposal to extend an extension for the mini-credit.

The online mini-credits and all its advantages

The mini-credits have been adapted as a customized solution in accordance with the times and modern problems. More and more people in Spain request them. Precisely because of the suitability of the solutions they offer for their situations.

If you also want to benefit from this financing option, read on. Because we are going to explain what elements you need to be able to request them.

What you need to request mini-credits

The first thing will be to fix the amount you need. Think about your needs, what you hope to achieve and set the money that you will need, so you do not fall short.

The second thing you have to do is have a bank account. It is not money that can be delivered by hand or with another destination that is not associated with you. Therefore, it will be essential to have your account information and your number. And it is that these payments are made through a transfer.

This is only one of the elements we request, since we ask for all the necessary information to verify that you are the owner of the account and that it is your person who requests the money. It is a basic protection measure so that nobody asks for money impersonating an identity. Therefore, it is something that protects you.

Another requirement, of course, is to be of legal age. Due to issues of legal responsibility, it is impossible for a person under 18 years of age to apply for a small loan under conditions, since it would not be a binding or regulated transaction.

When to request them

As we have already explained, you can order at any time. Whenever you need money they will be at your disposal in a few minutes. In addition, as it is small injections, they are quite comfortable both when hiring them and returning them, since they do not usually exceed one thousand euros.

The other advantage they present is that they will reach you in 15 minimums, at the most. And they are designed for emergencies, adapted to modern needs. When you want tickets for a concert or for an event, when one month you have not yet charged, when you have had too many expenses and so on, you can choose to get money instantly.

And this solution can help you fix your situation. You will not always need to contract a large bank loan, and this would be the ideal intermediate point.

In conclusion, these financial products are one of the most interesting monetary solutions of today. They can get you out of a lot of trouble and help you with whatever extra expense you're going to have. We offer a wide variety of them, to give you the help you need when you need it.

Mini responsible credits

They are a financial product whose amount does not normally exceed € 1000 and with a due date of approximately one month. These have seen their demand grow almost exponentially in recent years due to many reasons, although the main one has been the crisis that has affected many people in Spain.

Our commitment is to help you carry out your projects, help you with the appearance of unforeseen expenses, or simply that you can face small temporary financial potholes advocating responsible use of credits by providing clear and transparent information.

The mini-credit industry is full of confusing prices, surprise fees and rigid reimbursements, so we set out to offer you something different. With Bonsai Finance you will not have unpleasant surprises. You will be aware of the fees of your credits, with no surprises at the last minute.

Our commitment is to favor the access to fast personal loans to the greatest number of people fighting at the same time against long-term indebtedness.

Online mini-credits: a process adapted to your needs

online mini-credits As we have specified above, our goal is to act in such a way that it is as easy as possible for you to pay your online mini-credits at the time of expiration. It is for this reason that when you apply for a quick loan, you may be asked to provide information on your debit / credit cards.

From Bonsai Finance we advise you to always provide a debit card to avoid possible problems. Once your mini-loan expires, the lender will handle the return process for you.

If you can not pay your online mini-credit on its due date, sometimes the lender may give you the option to pay only the fees, and extend the term and conditions of the same as an extension, so you can reorganize in the best way and pay your debt.

Most important advantages of online mini-credits

Getting a loan in a financial institution is, for many people, an impossible mission. Given this problem, there are companies specializing in the loan of different amounts thanks to online mini-credits, which have great advantages to return the money and without needing to change the financial entity.

While our lifelong bank denies funding requests every time you need money, fast mini-credit companies help you, even if you have a problem (not having a fixed income or having little capital).

What advantages do they have? Next, we see all of them.

1. Simple processing

All requests for money are made in a simple way. The contract is simpler and can be closed by mobile phone or by email. A quick mini credit can be requested without leaving the house.

2. Greater probability of concession

The customer is the most important thing for lenders. Therefore, they accept most requests for financing from the client.

3. Money enters quickly and repayment terms are extended

In a matter of hours the money will reach the bank accounts of the person who has requested it. Regarding the repayment terms, although it usually begins to be amortized after 30 days, there are offers that extend it for more than three months.

4. No payroll

It is the problem that many people have. If you do not have a payroll, you do not have a fixed monthly income or you are autonomous, nothing happens. However, the lender will want to make sure you have income to return the money.

5. No explanations

Contrary to what happens in a financial institution, no explanations of any kind are required. Lenders will not ask you what you need the money for.

6. Without endorsements

As these are quite small quantities, the client does not need any third-party endorsement or goods.

7. It is allowed to negotiate to extend the terms to return the money

Some entities allow the return of the money to be postponed in extensions, granting us another 30 calendar days to pay the amounts owed.

8. Request more than one credit

Although the ideal is not to leverage, online mini-credit entities allow you to apply for another credit, even if you have another one pending.

9. Are you in any file of defaulters? Do not worry

Some entities grant financing to individuals or legal entities listed as the ASNEF.

10. Requests financing 365 days a year

Even if it is a weekend or Christmas day, requesting a mini-credit is possible any day of the week, at all hours and 365 days a year.

Online mini-credits are the best solution to face small daily or unexpected expenses.

The curiosities you should know about small credits

Since financial institutions closed the credit tap, thousands of people have sought alternatives that are equally reliable and even more advantageous. One of the most important alternatives is that of small loans, which help us get money quickly and safely. This option is currently the most requested to have extra capital.

Why has it become the most requested option for financing? Below, we offer you five curiosities to understand why they are highly requested.

Low amount credits: the curiosities that make them the most requested

Knowing why they are the preferred option for thousands of people will help us understand the most important benefits of this form of financing.

Conditions with much more flexibility

Yes. When we talk about flexibility we do it thinking about the banking entities, which impose high and strict requirements, since they come to take into account all our credit history.

In addition, if we appear on a list of defaulters (such as ASNEF) or do not have a payroll, the chances of not getting financing are very high.

However, requesting money thanks to these small loans is completely simple: no payroll is required, simply a demonstrable and regular financing option. Forget the guarantees, debts and bank accounts required by the entities.

Best interest rate

Other banking options such as loans require a great effort in interest, commissions and even opening.

In the case of the mini-loans, when they are repaid in the short term, no interest rates are applied such as the APR: a percentage is applied that depends on the amount and the term. Also, the sooner you return it, the better conditions for you.

Request financing at any time and place

We speak of being one of the options with a higher response in case you are granted financing. In just 15 minutes after sending the application process you can have your cash for whatever you want.

You do not have to go quickly to an office or wait for it to open (especially on weekends or holidays): you can make a form online to request the amounts. You only need to have a mobile phone on hand to confirm the request via SMS.

The online process has the following benefits:

  • Agile and fast process.
  • Fast and immediate response.
  • Without documentation or paperwork.
  • Money available in a few minutes.
  • When and for what you want.

Without concrete purpose

It is perhaps the main reason why these credits of small amount are the preferred option for thousands of people: it is not necessary to present a budget nor to say what you will need it for. Forget about long explanations, questions or refusals on the part of the entities.

Emergency financing

Have you seen how the neighbor goes on vacation and you want to go too? Do you need to pay for the books of the school child and do not have enough money? Do you have a breakdown or investment at home and need the money as soon as possible? They are three of the many circumstances that may arise in the day. With these low-value credits we manage to face any unforeseen event at any time of the year, without explanations and with a source of money that will support us in the worst moments.

This option of low-value credits is increasingly widespread. We can say that it has not reached ceiling. If you were wondering why this happens, you already have the answer you were waiting for. Ask for a small loan and forget the problems.

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From 1 to 6 weeks TAE equivalent TAE is not the same as the interest rate we charge. The annual equivalent rate is used to calculate the effective cost of a long-term financial product. The APR is useful for comparing long-term loans. In Bonsai Dinero we offer loans for a maximum period of 6 weeks, so it is not very logical to calculate the annual rate and it does not serve as a clear comparison. Example TAE: 2333% + ” + honorarios + “€ de honorarios: “+ (importe + honorarios) +”€ a devolver en ” + semanas + ” semanas”);
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